Uthhan – A mobile app for Indian Artisans

Uthhan mobile and web platforms enable artisans to sell their products directly without any middlemen. Uthhan exhibits a wide range of products that are valued for your money. Uthhan artisan families are spread through Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh aided by 100+ coordinators.

Uthhan will be the first initiative in India where the profit from sales goes directly to the respective skilled workers. The project eliminates the role of middlemen and other illegal financial exploitation which kept a monster sum of skilled workers in India in dark and never-ending financial agony.

Features of Uthhan app

  • Artisans need to register in App by giving essential information which includes family details, products, and bank account details.
  • Artisan can select their respective skill and product can be uploaded.
  • On successful uploading of the above-mentioned details a unique Uthhan ID will be created.
  • Artisans will get notifications on customer orders.
  • Artisans have the option to track their product delivery and earnings.
  • Artisan can see their earnings in the application itself by choosing the “ Your Earnings” button. They can watch out their earnings reports through the app itself.
  • Uthhan mobile application is launched in multiple languages for artisans based on region (English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam & Telugu).

Uthhan has a Volunteer feature whereas the Volunteer can manage artisan products and upload it on Uthhan platform directly. Since in India the number of artisans is living in rural areas, they don’t have any smartphones or any related gadgets to get connected with the market. As a Volunteer, he/she can take care of the handmade products and can be sold through Uthhan app. The volunteer can earn up to 5% as commission once the product is sold. The earnings of volunteer are also credited to their bank account directly.

Volunteers can be signed up through Uthhan app itself. There is an option – Volunteer where Volunteers can sign up with their required credentials such as First name, Middle name, Last name, Email, Mobile no., and their address. Once filled with all fields, the user can be submitted by agreeing with terms and conditions. After successful signup, Volunteer can enroll, monitor and upload products of artisans, earnings and more.

Other Features of Uthhan App

Other Features of Uthhan App

Bulk Uploading: Artisans can upload their products in bulk at once so that they can able to sell the number of products. After once uploading bulk, the artisans can remove or add a few of the products also whenever they need them.

Exporting of products: Artisans can sell their unique handmade products to Overseas customers also. Uthhan platform already has an option to sell the products to overseas customers through offline but the platform upgrading for exporting features also. The artisans can track their products in real-time.

Product Tracking: The artisans can track their product in real-time so that they able to keep an eye on the delivery of the products.

Uthhan is also coming up with a Customer app so that users can buy their handmade products without any hassles. Currently, the products are available in Uthhan Store of Gergstore online shopping site – Gergstore.com, Facebook and Instagram pages of Uthhan.

Download Uthhan – Empowering Artisans android app Google Play by Clicking here.

For more about Uthhan Initiative visit: Uthhan.org