How to Effectively Use Your Clip-In Hair Extensions?



Artificial hair is the modern go-to tool for anyone wanting to conveniently revitalise their hair. Just like magic, clip in hair extensions can make your hair longer and look fuller by attaching more hair to your head. 

These clip-ins offer a quick and temporary solution to some of your hair struggles. You can visualise what your hair would look like if you were thinking of changing your hairstyle or colour without the attached permanent commitment. Nonetheless, you can easily have a lot of options just by having these extensions on hand. 

As more varieties of hair extensions are getting available online, you must choose the sturdy ones that will get you through some time and occasions. It is also essential that you know how to use your set of extensions effectively, so here are some hacks and tips in using your clip-ins:

Backcomb to Avoid Slip-Ups

Backcombing your hair roots enables a firmer grasp of the clips on your hair. However, you must use a teasing or bristle brush in sectioning your hair while brushing an inch from the scalp for extension placement preparation. Adding a dry shampoo or hairspray in tiny amounts will add more stability to the hair extensions.

Hiding the Extra Strands of Hair

Shorter hair, especially those in the nape of your neck area, would often ruin your already styled look. Gathering and braiding this section helps prevent several hair strands from sticking out. Wrap the braid into a small bun and pin it in the bottom in place with a few bobby pins. 

You can begin clipping your bottom-most weft in this section directly above the bun until your first row is complete. Placement of the other rows of clip in hair extensions will now be easier as you have established the baseline. 

Place Diagonally

If you have a layered hairstyle or shorter hair surrounding your face, you must place your clip wefts or even a two-stacked weft on both sides of your hairline in diagonal lines to mimic feathers. So it is where a weft is placed higher when it’s near the face and lower when it is going towards the back, thus forming a ‘V’. This formation naturally blends with your layered hair or gives an illusion that you have asked a professional to get you one.

Stack Them

If you are blessed with a small head, you may stack wefts together to utilise more extensions and add a fuller volume to your hair. A mega-weft is accomplished by putting two clips on top of each other. The unwritten but conscious rule of only stacking up to two wefts together helps keep the hair extensions still bearable and comfortable for you. 

The same stacking procedure can also be done to add thickness to a thinning hairstyle, such as the layered one, at the base of the neck.

Go Upside Down for the Ponytail

It would be best to begin in the same manner you usually do, partitioning and brushing your hair then applying the clip-ins, but they have to be placed upturned this time. In this way, it will be more comfortable for you as it avoids getting bumps to the hair extension placements. In addition, the clips will remain flat even when it is time to pull your hair up into an updo or a ponytail.

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