5 Reasons Why Use React For Web Development


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Building what the users view on their screens is the responsibility of a front-end web developer. Indeed, front-end developers across the world are striving to adopt the best front-end frameworks to present a top-notch user experience.

A front-end framework is a tool or a platform to develop the front-end of a website. With the pace at which the digital environment is growing, there are new libraries introduced every year. When it comes to choosing one amongst the many available in the market, there have always been debates. 

Among the most famous libraries of JavaScript, ReactJS brings with it rich features that make it an easy-to-use and popular tool among developers. According to a survey by Statista on most used web frameworks amongst web developers, React is on the top. 

In React’s short lifespan, it’s seen an impressive rate of adoption. Though it is not a standard framework, it gives several coding opportunities that resulted in this popularity. Many well-known websites like Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, and Skype have decided to implement it. Let’s see why.

React for Web Development

React is a library for constructing a user interface, granting more adaptability than other JavaScript frameworks like Vue and Angular. Section of the front-end society observed that component-based design is the prospect of advanced UI ports. It is an answer defined by elegance and simplicity, which are the clear-cut determinants of potential.

React is distinctive in enhancing the JavaScript programming language. One can add to the code with HTML components directly. Hence, it is easy to interpret the code and compress it considerably. This is one of the top reasons why inventors of superior resolutions appreciate React as they require to change and update extreme volumes of data. 

If you too are looking to use React for your next project but have doubts about it, you’re at the right place. We’ve jotted down a few reasons explaining why React is so popular. 

1. Smooth Learning Curve

React is a simple and lightweight library that deals only with the view layer of a page. Its learning curve is easy making it simpler for beginners to start with than Angular, its counterpart when using JavaScript. 

Having a functional knowledge of CSS and primary programming concepts, it would be easier for you to get started with React and quickly work around it. In case you’re shifting from another library or framework, getting used to the innovative approaches of React might be a bit tricky.

Except that, there is nothing in React that is too difficult to use. Additionally, there is also extensive documentation available online that will help a developer learn everything they need.

2. Large Community

Created by Jordan Walke, React is an open-source library that is listed under the topmost trending repositories on GitHub. It has accumulated a large audience of JavaScript developers who build the latest solutions and tools constantly. Many user-developed apps have been incorporated into the official library.

Apart from that, React professionals are also resolving doubts on QA websites like Quora and Stack Overflow regularly. So, if you ever get stuck, don’t worry, you have an entire community ready to give you reliable solutions. 

3. Reusable components

The most prominent feature that makes React stand out from the rest is its components. 

Moreover, the best part of these components is that they are entirely reusable meaning you can define a component once and use it several times. Sounds great right? 

Well, of course. This reusability speeds up the process of development and also boosts productivity remarkably. Furthermore, re-usable codes allow you to expand and manage your codebase fast.

4. Great toolset for developers

While picking a platform for development, it is crucial to consider the tools available. Its compatibility with different browsers should also be considered. Another reason why React is so popular amongst front-end developers is its toolset. There are two toolsets that are to be differentiated while using React. One is the React Developer Tools, the next is the Redux Developer Tools.

Both these toolsets can be installed on Chrome as extensions. However, their functionalities differ. React Developer Tools are used to inspect components in the hierarchy and notice their positions. Whereas, Redux is great for perceiving finished activities and present states and modifications on stores. 

5. Fast Rendering with Virtual DOM

Performance is one of the top considerations when deciding on a programming framework. It is much more important if you wish to develop a mobile app as it involves constant updates and high user interaction. 

Numerous JavaScript libraries can be used to build intricate applications, but their DOM (Document Object Model) manipulation is slow. Hence, developers can overcome this challenge by choosing React. 

React uses virtual DOM i.e., it is stored in memory. All changes to the view are first exhibited in the virtual DOM. The primary advantage of this feature is that it provides optimized performance and exceptional results to the user. Nevertheless, the advantages go just above the high performance. For example, developers can build applications on React and later render components to additional engines. 

Final Thoughts

React is quite a famous JavaScript framework used worldwide. It provides state-of-the-art functionalities and is an ideal choice for developers looking for an extremely productive JavaScript framework that easy-to-use and learn. If you’d like to learn React, start building some real-world React projects. Gain hands-on experience and take the first step towards becoming a professional developer.

With the latest web frameworks and libraries being built every year, it is hard to foretell which technology is here for the long run. But React has demonstrated its stability for the past 10 years against the likes of Vue, Angular, Ruby on Rails, and Django.

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