Typical Roofing Problems Faced by Homeowners in Michigan

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Thankfully, Michigan does not have to deal with devastating hurricanes as frequently as the likes of Florida, Texas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina and other Southwestern/Midwestern states. Nonetheless, Michigan is one of the coldest US states, with an average record of getting 150 – 180 inches of snow per year. The state has a few very cold winter months, where the temperatures can dip low enough to turn untended snow from early winter into ice. These cumulative effects can crack a roof, create leaks, and even bring it down in worst-case scenarios.

Snow Accumulation

During periods of heavy snow, it may begin to accumulate on top of roofs which are not designed to prevent this from happening (4/12 or 6/12 slopes). This constantly increasing, massive weight of the snow and ice will put additional stress on your roof, which may compromise its integrity without regular clearing.

Dangers of Inadequate Sloping

Sloping roofs are a must for homes in Michigan, but even inadequately sloped roofs present the danger of damaging property and lives. Poorly installed sloping roofs are often found to allow buildup of snow in large slabs for a long time. Not only does this damage the roof but, once the snow becomes heavy enough, it will slide off the roof like an avalanche without warning. Such roofing accidents happen most often once the snow and ice begin to thaw, followed by inexperienced people trying to clear the roof.

Cracks, Leaks, and Water Damage

If there are unattended cracks on your roof, they will be turned into leaks in no time. Just take a look at how it happens, as explained next:

  • The first layers of snow resting inside the cracks get pushed further in after several more layers building on top
  • As this snow inside the cracks turn into ice, the resulting expansions will widen and deepen the cracks
  • When the weather warms up, the deep-seated ice will melt, allowing for the water to cause moisture damage and fungal growths
  • In just a few seasons, the cracks will turn into leaks
  • Over the years, this may damage a roof to the point where a replacement is the only viable option

Contact a nearby roofing company for an inspection, and they should be able to prevent any of this from happening. Get them to repair damages that might already be there on the roof and maintain it in top condition with regular checks and necessary repairs. When searching through roofing companies in Michigan, be sure to check out Rock Solid Exteriors

It is largely the geographical location of a house that determines what kind of climatic conditions it will be facing. Naturally, this means that, in a geographically diverse nation such as the United States, roofing problems will be more prevalent in some parts of the States than the others. Unfortunately for homeowners in Michigan, the state does have a climate which requires added roof protection and regular checks to keep things safe and hygienic. If you have recently moved into the state, prepare your roof against the discussed possibilities in advance.

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