How to Track Surround Sounds & Calls on Android Phone Remotely?

by: Ankush Chhabra


Android cell phone surveillance is possible these days even a layman can track phone calls and record and listen to the surround sounds on Android smartphones, tablets and pads. The modern technology has helped out developers in such an exciting way that they are enabled to invent android tracking software.

Don’t waste your precious time in such activities on the search engine by putting your queries that how can I spy on the Android smartphone to tap calls and recording of the surround sounds? You can find out the best spying apps for Android phones on the web and can do your job whatever you have goals you have in mind. But I can tell you genuinely what is kind of people want to spy on androids for taping calls and other stuff.

Element of Parenting

Parents always want to provide security to their kids and teens for various reasons especially when they owned phones of android. Parents want to know the hidden activities of teens, tweens, and kids when they are outside the house.

So, parents lurk towards remote call recorder to know whom they are talking at on the android phones and what sort of activities they do while hanging out with their friends what so ever. Teens often have their secret whereabouts to live their lives in a fun and adventures way by taking drugs and pre-mature sexual activities.

Spy on employees

No one wants to damage their business and the lazy and sluggish employees can do such activities that put an employer’s business at stake. Those employees that have company’s gadgets and they use it for personal reasons rather than dealing with the customers.

They waste enough time within the working hours that really put a business in such a situation where productivity exists no more. Therefore, employers have to use such a technological tool to track the surround conversations and calls of the employees to catch them red-handedly.

To build up trust in a relationship

Cheating is the worst case over the years in a relationship, so couples who are in the relationship use android tracking software to stay updated with the partner’s all-day-long activities. The track phone calls and listen to the surround activities when they are not at home.

That is really convincing stuff for the people who are in the relationship and play a role to build a healthy trust to build a strong relationship. There would be the least amount of element of cheating and they can live their life peacefully.

Install track android phone spy

Having said earlier, don’t waste your time in searching for free android spy tools. It will not provide you the best results that you are looking for at the moment. However, if you install spy software for android on your target phone, it will give you what you would not believe.

Subscribe to the hidden spy software for Android by visiting its official website and get the credentials through an email. When you have done with the installation activate it on your target cell phone and do what you are looking for. You will have plenty of tools including tracking calls remotely and record surrounding sounds. You can use the following mention tools.

Use MIC Bug app

You can use MIC bug software and can send command in the form of message of your target android phone. Once it is been sent successfully to your target smartphone it will start the recording of the surround sounds and conversations. A user will have three different time intervals to track the sounds remotely.

Use TOS spy 360 Live surround listening

Further, you can track the surround sounds and conversations in real-time and for a long time until the battery of the target android cell phone starts declining. Do this method through spy 360 live surround listening by just sending a push notification on the phone of Android and get the objective live.

Secret call recorder for phone calls

However, a user can record and listen to the calls remotely by using the record phone calls and then save all the recorded stuff into the web portal.


Cell phone tracking app for Android is the one and the only tool of its kind that empower you to track the surround sounds and allow you to tap calls remotely in real-time.

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