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How to Create Registration Form in WordPress Without Plugin?

by: Admin

Yes, We can Create a Custom register form without using any plugin.
Below i will tell you step by step Example in details that i have already implemented in a wordpress website.

First We need to Create a template for the register form:
Let say tmpl-register.php is our file name:


How to send an email using ajax in WordPress?

by: Admin

Here we will learn how to use ajax in the wordpreee, How to send an email using Ajax that means without refreshing a page we will send an email.

I am showing you an easy way for all this.

Suppose we have a form. Below i m showing you the simple bootstrap used form.
We have three fields in this form that are Name,………..


WordPress Get Featured Image URL in Image Tag

by: Admin

Use the below simple code to get the image full url.
that url can ve used in many ways like in tag.

in the below i will show you how to use in img tag


How to get a custom taxonomy names, description and Images in wordpress?

by: Admin

In general we are in used of cresting the taxonomy like categories, Countries or another_category. That could be the any name.

To create a taxonomy Click HERE

Okay if our taxonomy is ready then we need to add the categories under it like i have created you can see in the below screenshot:

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