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We're constantly looking for a talented writer who can provide original, high-quality pieces about Social Media Marketing Write for Us. This role will necessitate research abilities as well as the capacity to generate high-quality work fast. It is highly suggested that you have technical knowledge in one or more of these areas.

Please provide your résumé, which should include any relevant professional experience, as well as three previously published pieces of writing. These should show off your grasp of the English language, as well as your inventiveness and general writing abilities. You have the option of sending us links to the articles or attaching the papers to your application for review.

Content guidelines for Social Media Marketing Write for Us

  • Tips, practical advice, case studies, or anecdotes on social media, digital marketing, or related subjects may all be used as content. Whether you have an article idea, check our site to see if it has previously been covered. We'll probably pass on your article if we don't think it's closely linked enough to another article or if it's too similar to another article.
  • To be considered seriously, it must be written in English with no spelling or grammatical problems.
  • Your work must be current, unique, and unpublished elsewhere on the internet.
  • If your storey contains statistics, please give a link to the source of the data.
  • Any photos you provide, including your header image, must be original or fair use, with attribution to the source. We may alter the image if the information is excellent but the image is not... However, we are much more inclined to dismiss the piece as a whole. We’re looking for thoughtful, well-assembled submissions.
  • We retain the right to change the text you provide, but only to rectify errors or make it more readable.
  • Must submit a 40–50-word summary of your article.

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