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Modern-day Bitcoin betting enthusiasts have a range of options for pursuing their interests. From physical casinos to online casino sites, punters can enjoy their favourite Bitcoin betting games as they please. A growing trend in the online casino space is live dealer games.

Thanks to technological progression, online casinos moved game control from RNG (Random Number Generator) to real-life dealers. Game authenticity, the personal touch, and accessibility are a few reasons to play live dealer games. As we explore how these games work and all they offer, you’ll be hard-pressed to play any other way. You can check here for suitable Bitcoin betting sites for live dealer games

How Live Dealer Games Work

Casino operators host live dealer games in a fully equipped studio, where players can observe every aspect of the gameplay. Besides the studio, an analyst and software rooms also comprise a live casino floor. For the smooth execution of a game, there has to be a croupier, camera operator, an information manager, and a pit boss.

Every table on the floor has a GCU (game control unit) that’s shoebox-sized and encodes video broadcasts. The live dealer must work with this gadget to operate the game. With this setup, players connect to the broadcast and play the game.

Whether it’s blackjack, baccarat, or poker, the dealer serves chips/cards, accepts bets, announces game results while communicating with you. 

Now that you have a picture of how live dealer games flow, here’s why you should play them.

Why You Should Play Live Dealer Gamers

The following reasons are why you should enjoy betting on live dealer games 

Authentic Casino Betting Atmosphere

Players who engage with live dealer games experience all the feels of brick-and-mortar casinos. The filming studios for these games replicate physical casinos. Logging into your online casino account and connecting with a live dealer game is like walking into a Las Vegas casino.

The table and camera setup contribute to this authentic atmosphere. A typical studio-based online betting provides three camera angles around the studio:

  • There is a wide-angle camera in front and a backdrop behind the dealer, table, and game.
  • A camera focuses on the dealer directly.
  • Zoom-in imaging of every action on the table.

The cameras’ built-in optical character recognition makes reading easier, and the video quality is sharp enough to capture every card shuffle. You can see every detail, including where the roulette ball is landing or the cards. Of course, the human dealer behind the table is the cherry on top of this recreated betting experience.

24/7 Access to Your Favorite Games

Even the most dedicated Monte Carlo casino has closing hours. In contrast, live dealer games run 24/7 on online Bitcoin betting sites, including Bitcoin casinos. This virtual setting runs all the time, and you can play your favourite games at any time of the day. 

Common live dealer games include:

Roulette: The highlight of playing roulette is the suspense players feel. Live dealer roulette delivers a truckload of anticipation as players can watch and hear the spin. Drawn out in slow-mo replays and zoom-ins, you may even hear your heartbeat follow the ball as it bounces to rest.

Poker: Most live Bitcoin casinos offer various poker versions with a side dish of tension. You have your pick of Texas Hold’em, Three Card Stud, etc.

Blackjack: Seeing and speaking with the dealer in live blackjack is better than any RNG algorithm.

Baccarat: Join the high rollers from the comfort of your home while enjoying the exciting bonuses of live dealer baccarat. 

Live casino studios shoot 24/7, with dealers and film crews working in shifts. As long as you have a stable internet connection, your dealer only needs a few seconds to set up and get your game going. However, because of this 24/7 availability, you may have to wait in the lobby before getting a seat at the table.

Thankfully, you can wait without the fear of someone escorting you outside. Plus, there’s only one dress code: log in as you are! 

In addition, many online betting sites are compatible with various devices, including mobile phones, so that you can carry live dealer games in your pocket.

Enhanced Player-dealer Interaction

The spice of physical casinos is the interaction between players and between players and the dealers. In live dealer games, the dealers are trained professionals, friendly, fun, and engaging with players throughout the game. The chatbox is your primary means of communication, and you can chat with the dealer or ask questions.

There’s usually a large screen displaying the chatbox interactions in front of the dealer, and they respond accordingly. Players can expect a cosy atmosphere where the croupier calls and responds to them by name, tells stories, and provides a good time.

Real-time Viewing

Players can follow every action of the dealer, thanks to the full camera angles. This access is absent in regular casino games run by RNGs. While most of the world embraces technology with no reservations, some people remain sceptical about its reach.

Live dealer games are a better choice for punters who suspect that RNG algorithms aren’t as random as casinos present. Real people handle the stakes, the gameplay is more natural (if slower), and the staff ensures transparency and safe gambling.

Observation without Placing Bets

After waiting for a seat at the table, players can watch others play, learning strategies and tactics. Online casino software games don’t allow players to watch games without wagering. Punters can enter ongoing live dealer games and observe without annoying or embarrassing anyone.

Live dealer games are reasonable grounds if you enjoy practising strategies. You can draw conclusions based on other players’ gaming experiences and skip games or moves. When you eventually place your bets, you can use different banking methods, including Bitcoin – a modern touch for a modern trend.

Enriched Services

Live dealer games offer a more comprehensive range of statistics-based areas and bets than software simulators and physical casinos. For example, Evolution – which runs the biggest live casino studio in the US- allows you to bet on other players’ outcomes at your table. 

Additionally, players may keep their preferred bets instead of placing chips all the time (time-wasting.)


Live dealer games blend the best features of real casino halls and online casino games. Comfort, game authenticity, and social interaction are the highlights of these games. If you’re unable to visit a brick-and-mortar casino, live dealer games will provide what you’re missing and more.

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