Remote Workforce: How Remote Work Is Transforming the Way Companies Work



Remote work is becoming increasingly popular. While earlier some companies offered remote work as a perk to their employees, it has now become the norm for most businesses. With the pandemic hitting us all, remote work has gained more traction of late with more and more people preferring to work remotely.

According to a survey by Enterprise Research Technology, the number of people joining the remote workforce will double in 2021. Even the tech giants are following the suit. Google announced that employees can continue to work from home till July 2021. Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook in spring 2020, announced that he expects half of Facebook’s workforce to shift to remote work. Moreover, Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey also informed employees that they could continue to work from home as long as they want. Many office-based companies had to make the transition to remote to stay afloat. And guess what? Many organisations are now repeating the benefits of a remote workforce.

According to a recent study by Gartner, 47 per cent of employers are okay with their employees working from home full time, whereas 80 per cent will allow employees to work remotely part-time. This shows that more and more employers embrace the work from home or work in your favourite environment. At the same time, in a survey by flex jobs, it was found that 65% of employees prefer remote work over working from office, whereas 31 percent would like some hybrid model wherein they can work from both home and office alternatively.

Most importantly, remote work has made a lasting impact on the workforce. Below we share the key things that the remote workforce of today has which office goers of yesterday were missing:

Remote Work Helps People Save More Money

Remote workers can save more than their office-going counterparts. Employees are saving on transportation expenses, including parking fees and gas fees, expenditure on personal wardrobes, and office lunches and dinners. Furthermore, people are also saving on rent as they move from high-cost apartments near office premises to their native places.

Remote work Offers Greater Work-Life Balance

Apart from saving money on office-related expenses, people are also enjoying a greater work-life balance. They can spend more time with family and friends and take ownership of their schedules. Employees can work from their home and take workcations, look after themselves, give time to their family, and be in more control of their lives.

Remote Work Equals to Unlimited Opportunities

Today’s remote workers have access to a wide range of job options, which was not possible before as most people had to relocate to the city where their company is. With the freedom to work from one’s own home, people can now appear for interviews for any company with the help of a video call. This is especially helpful for skilled people who are living in rural areas as they can work comfortably from their homes. 

But the question is where do they find such remote work opportunities?

Turing is providing endless remote work opportunities to skilled developers across the world. Developers from any region can apply and work for top US firms. 

Turing also helps companies hire pre-vetted remote software developers with ease. With Turing, you can hire the top 1 % of 700,000+ developers who are strong in technical and communication skills and are ready to work in your time zone. Companies can hire from more than 100+ skills like artificial intelligence, react native, ruby on rails, python, node js, among others


Remote work is a boon for employees as they can work on all their tasks in an organized manner at their convenience. People can have a positive relationship not just with their work but also with their colleagues, family and friends as they have more time on their hands. Also, they can pursue their interests and hobbies, which helps keep stress levels low and energy high. 

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