How Can You Receive a Business Loan with Bad Credit?



A business loan helps you to navigate even the toughest financial conditions. In essence, it helps many people to realise their dreams. Suppose you’re in a commercial business, like lawn mowing, and have received a big mowing project. In that case, you might need the necessary equipment for the job. If you want to step ahead and leverage such opportunities, you need to get a business loan. However, bad credit history may become a hindrance. But today, you can apply for a bad credit business loan and get a personalised loan option. Such an option can be availed even by those who have no credit history!

What Type of Credit Score Do You Need?

If your company is less than a year old, you will not have a business credit score. It’s because credit reporting agencies do not have sufficient data about the handling of debt by your business. Lenders will see your personal credit score to find out if you are eligible for a loan. You need to have a minimum personal credit score of 650 if you want to get yourself approved for a loan.

If your business is more than a year old, then the lenders will consider both your personal and business credit score. On choosing a loan from a traditional lender, you can expect them to focus more on your business credit score. However, other financing sources will concentrate more on your personal credit score and other things like your revenues.

The Way to Get Loan Approval with Bad Credit

Follow the steps mentioned below to get loan approval with a bad credit score

  • Assess your personal and business credit score – Check both of them by getting your credit report copies. Find out if there are any problems with them. Knowing your specific credit score will enable you to find out which loan types you can qualify for. 
  • Look at the options you have – You should also research other options at your disposal. Find out a business loan that provides you with the required amount for a way lesser cost. Nowadays, you can easily apply for a bad credit business loan if you have your ABN and earn a consistent income. 
  • Outline a business plan – Many lenders also require a business plan when giving them your loan application. Outlining a business plan will also enable you to gain knowledge of your money management problems. 
  • Put up collateral – Putting collateral can raise your likelihood of receiving a loan with bad credit. If you are unable to repay, the lender will have your collateral as payment. For collateral, refrain from utilising your personal assets, like home. If by chance, your business fails, you can lose both your business and your house.

Different Kinds of Business Loans with Bad Credit

There are different sources of financing that you can use if you have poor credit.

  • Business credit cards – Small business credit cards offer a line of credit that you can use to buy supplies for your business. It gives you the ability to purchase everything that can help you meet your business orders.
  • Short-term loans – It is a kind of loan that is obtained to aid a business capital requirement. It involves repayment of the principal amount along with interest by a specific due date. They are suitable for businesses and for those people who face a temporary cash-flow issue. 
  • Short-term lines of credit – With it, you can draw from pooled funds when you require capital. After you are able to pay back what you have drawn along with interest, you can once again take credit. 

Having a poor credit score can make it extremely hard for you to find lenders. However, these days it is very simple to apply for a bad credit business loan. If you take time out to research your options, then you can undoubtedly get the finance you need at the right time.

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