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Do you want to decrease your patients’ absenteeism rate and stop losing income?

Let’s assume that during the week, an average of two patients misses an appointment without notice. Assuming that each service costs 85 reais, in total at the end of the month, 680 reais are lost. With the online medical agenda, this common situation can be reduced dramatically. To learn more about the benefits of this integration, take a look at this article.

An excellent medical agenda software has appointment confirmations by SMS, which on the day before the appointment, checks if the appointment can be confirmed.

In addition to informing the time and place of the appointment, the system automatically changes the status of the appointment according to the patient’s response. If the answer is “YES”, the consultation appears as confirmed in the medical agenda, as shown in the video below:

This reduces vacant hours for patients who do not attend the appointment by up to 30%, ensuring that the schedule will be complete and increasing the clinic’s profitability.

When analyzing the investment of purchasing medical software with caution, the financial return generated through a more organized schedule and satisfied patients ends up being much greater than the cost.

Better Management of Queries

In the daily routine of your routine, is it difficult to have efficient control over your appointments? Is it necessary to constantly check which patients are confirmed, making the organization difficult?

An ideal medical schedule can provide complete control over your appointments.

At any time, from any electronic device and from anywhere, the doctor can check your schedule and plan your appointments.

With efficient medical software, the system’s medical diary is easily accessed through other devices, making it possible to view all appointments without the need for a check by the clinic’s computer.

By centralizing all your calendar data in one place, an electronic device connected to the internet is enough for you to quickly organize your routine.

Also, the typical erasures in a paper agenda will no longer be necessary, after all, it is possible to deselect and reschedule appointments with a few clicks.

Increased Team Productivity

In your clinic, is it common for a patient to arrive at the reception and need to wait for the receptionist to finish a call to be answered?

The telephone is one of the biggest responsibilities – and the one that takes the most time – for receptionists. However, this often distances the receptionist from the patient, making it even more difficult to deliver humanized care, as mentioned above in the article.

With medical agenda software, reception staff need not be constantly concerned with confirming appointments, allowing them to focus on more productive activities.

This implies welcoming patients more calmly, increasing the quality of care, answering questions, ensuring that the waiting room environment is pleasant, and being available to solve any problem.

Besides, the online medical calendar can reduce phone and paper costs. The extra money that can be invested in other sectors of the office.

Reduction of the Queue

Normally, medical software has a waiting list within the platform, where patients who are waiting for an open time are available.

Thus, when an appointment is canceled, it is possible to check the next patient on the waiting list, and quickly reschedule an appointment that would be missed.

In this way, you optimize a process that was previously slow and manual, in addition to reducing the queue at your clinic, consequently making it more profitable.

Integration with the electronic medical record

In some software, such as iClinic, for example, the medical agenda is fully integrated with the electronic medical record.

This integration allows the doctor to be able to access the medical record directly from the agenda, just by clicking on “start care”.

This data integration allows for much more complete and accurate reports, in addition to centralizing all essential information in one place, making management of your clinic even easier.

Ensure more safety for your clinic

All these benefits are certainly incredible for any type of clinic, however, one of the most important advantages that an online medical agenda can provide, is the security of excellence.

This is because, unlike the paper agenda, the software is not made of fragile material, and accidents such as loss of files, theft, or even something simple like spilling liquids, will not cause the loss of information from the schedule.

As the software is available through a digital platform, such as Netflix, for example, your data will always be safe, especially if the cloud platform is AWS, used by NASA and also by Clinic.

The online medical agenda brings great results, an ideal investment that can completely revolutionize the routine of your clinic.

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