5 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Crash

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If you’ve previously been in a car accident, you’ll know that the aftermath can be incredibly stressful. Whether or not you’re at fault, there’ll likely be a lot of people trying to get information from you and asking a lot of questions. But while you’re trying to process what just happened and also dealing with any potential injuries you’ve obtained, it can be difficult to even think straight – let alone give the right answers. 

For those that are at fault, there will be several questions about your insurance policy and what it covers. For victims, you’ll need to gather as much information as possible to prove the fault of the other driver, and also attend to any injuries along the way. 

With so much going on, it can be easy to slip up, say the wrong thing, or make the wrong decision. This is why this post is going to highlight the top mistakes to avoid after being in a car accident. 

Telling the other driver ‘It’s okay’

Speaking to the other driver in a collision can feel awkward and strange, with most people wanting to get the whole ordeal over with as quickly as possible. However, even if your natural reaction is to try and comfort the other driver or brush the whole thing off and get on your way, this is the first major mistake you can make. 

As hard as it is, it’s better to keep the conversation to a minimum, but offer no responsibility, fault, or apology. Do not get involved with a discussion about who is at fault at the scene. It’s best to call the police, who will then speak to each party separately to collect both sides of the story. Make sure to report all the facts as you see them, and take note of anything the other driver has said to you, and give this information to the police. It’s also important to mention if you’ve hit any part of your body in the impact. 

If you immediately brush off the situation, comfort the other driver, or tell them, “it’s okay,” you may struggle later down the line to make a claim or seek compensation. This reassurance could be the difference between you winning or losing your case. 

Not seeking medical care, thinking you’ll be fine and hurting later down the line

When the initial impact of a car accident occurs, there are a million thoughts and emotions going around your mind. Adrenaline and shock take over, which means if you are injured, you might not realize it at first, and this is where are a lot of victims are caught out. 

Whiplash and other injuries may not appear a big deal until several hours – or even days later. It’s always best to seek medical assistance as soon as possible after the crash. Depending on the injury, this might be taking an ambulance from the scene to the emergency room. Others may be able to make their own way to their hospital or doctors to get a full health check. If you find yourself suffering from pain or any problems in the few days after the accident, it’s important to get these checked out too. When treatment is recommended, it’s definitely worth taking the course of treatment as soon as possible to avoid the injury having a long-term impact. 

Seeking medical assistance is both for you and your claim. Having a professional record of any injuries can be used as evidence when trying to prove fault or gain compensation. 

Assuming the other driver will pay for any medical treatments

You should use your health insurance even if you think you’re likely to get compensation from the other driver. All costs for treatment should be submitted in line with your policy so that everything is paid for while you’re recovering. Even if the other driver is at fault, it’s unlikely that their insurance will cover your medical care as and when treatment is going ahead. It is much more likely that they will be paid for later down the line. 

Depending on your health insurance provider, it’s likely they will handle the reimbursements. Once you’ve told your provider about your accident, they may reach out to ask for additional information from time to time. At this point, you should direct them to your attorney so that they can respond on your behalf. It is a good idea to equip yourself with an attorney if you’ve been injured in an accident – whether you were at fault or not. Brown and Crouppen Arnold MO, are personal injury lawyers that specialize in auto incidents. 

Posting about the crash on social media

Whenever something big happens, a lot of us instantly let our followers know – whether that’s via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. More often than not, family and friends might also reach out on these channels to make sure you’re okay and to see what happened. 

It’s tempting to post about your accident rather than reply privately to everyone. However, it’s important that you avoid publishing anything about the accident at all. When it comes to researching the victim of an accident, paralegals and their teams may look online for information. If your privacy settings are loose, they will be able to see any information photos and opinions you’ve posted about the scene and use this against you. 

Providing a statement to an insurance adjuster without legal representation

While insurance companies are working in your favor, they do want to work as quickly as possible to resolve claims. Resolving these issues can also make the end fee much less – giving the at-fault driver’s insurer more reason to get the claim dealt with quickly. If you are contacted by an adjuster from their insurance company, they will likely ask for your personal information, any injuries, property damage, and a recorded statement. 

If you already have legal representation, you should never speak directly to an adjuster or provide a statement without consulting them first. If you give a statement before seeking counsel, they should be able to request a copy of it. 

A car crash can be stressful, painful, and confusing – both for the at-fault driver and their victim. By ensuring you have the right legal advice, avoid publishing about the crash online and seek medical advice as soon as possible, you should be rid of the burden in no time.

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