5 Tips to Level up & Raise your Sales Game!



The sales game is a tough game to sail through and the internet is full of various tips and tricks to get your game on point. While we agree that everyone needs help with something or the other, there is no trick or a secret method to improve your sales.

It is quite a hyper-adaptive activity and you need to make sure your basic principles are on point. One can always offer you field-centric advice which would be much more precise but then that would only limit us to that specific field. It would be better to address a larger group of sales employees to broaden the scope and provide base-strengthening advice.

On that note let us brief you with some basic principles that you need to be in control of while dealing with a sales job.

Bonding with the client

If you are not on good terms with your client then the chances of you making a sale simply decrease by a lot. Bonding with your client means that you need to get in touch on a personal level with them while keeping it professional.

It may take a lot of hit-and-trial and a few videos on small talk to understand how to attain the perfect balance between this. While some are gifted with the ability to direct their conversation by reading the body language and tone of the client, others might have to watch a few videos on youtube to work on this skill

Patience is the name of the game

In the sales business, nothing is certain. A client might take up your offer in an instant without persuasion while other deals might take days to close. Patience and courtesy are probably the most important attributes that one needs in this line of profession to Level up business and achieve success. Things can sometimes go sideways and you might even get impatient but the important part is not to show it and stay calm at all times. The higher the patience level the better will be your chances to crack the deal.

Learn when to start pushing the boundaries

While patience is important you also need to know when to push the client into making a decision. Again, this is a skill that mostly comes with experience with Tech Podcast. People with a knack for understanding and adapting to a variety of personalities are better at cracking deals than people who are not. If you are able to strike when the iron is hot then the sales game is yours. But one needs to be careful and cautious. Being over smart might land you in trouble and you might lose a client. It is a careful and calculated gamble.

Don’t hesitate to include a senior at the right time

Never let your pride come in the way of your work. There will be times when you will start to feel that a certain client requires a little extra experience to handle. At times like these, you should let your senior step in and take control. There are many deals where it is simply better to let the seniors handle the closing. It may be your hard work to actually get the client to agree on sitting down for final talks but you need to think like a team and let the final tackle come from the senior.

Stay focused and motivated!

In the end, no matter how many videos you watch or articles you read, there is only one thing that will triumph over everything and that is your undying spirit. You need to stay focused and keep your goal in front of you at all times. If you are into sales you will soon understand that the probability of actually making a sale might not even be in the double digits. Hang in there, stay motivated and keep trying with enthusiasm. If you ever feel low go out for a fun night or stay in to watch a Motivity Podcast or morale-boosting video. Remember that you will only get better with time provided that you stay alert and try harder every time.

The sales profession is considered to be the hardest profession out there. It requires a whole bundle of skills that always take time to hone and perfect. There might not be a single technique or a mantra to help you get your sales performance up but there are a few general principles to follow for better results. Stay dedicated, focused, and uplifted. You will surely see some positive changes in the overall results!

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