An Overview of The IPL And What It Brings To The Table

The European countries, along with South Americans, eat and breathe football. In India, people think and breathe football. The people in this part of the world worship cricket enthusiastically and thrill. With the advent of the IPL in 2008, the landscape of Indian cricket has undergone a significant change in the last few years. The BCCI has gone on to play a masterstroke when launching the league. The league would be awaited, and as soon as March has evoked a lot of response in terms of popularity. But before you watch IPL live match video, there are various pointers that there are numerous pointers of consideration.

There are various benefits of IPL

It is an entertainment module for the masses

The excitement of cricket has been a form of entertainment for the masses. It leads to an adrenaline rush in the body, and they cannot move their eyes from the TV screen. Though the leagues tend to be short, the excitement levels are bound to increase. The teams of IPL states are divided based on states, and people tend to watch it. For sure, it is an ideal way of cheering and support for their own state.

An ideal platform to enhance new cricketers

In an IPL, you are likely to come across various forms of cricketers. It is the new ones which include the popular ones along with the unpopular ones. When it comes to the new cricketers, they get an opportunity to rub shoulders with the established cricketers in the business. Hence it goes on to improve the quality of the company. This provides an ideal opportunity to learn and shape well.

Contributes revenue to the economy

There are ample job opportunities for all the people who are associated with IPL. It includes the umpire, police guards and custom designs for all the teams, the players etc. Even the money that is received from the sales proceeds would relate to a large sum.

It tends to bring the cricket world together.

The league includes cricket players from all over the globe. This tends to make things diverse where players in different countries come together. It goes on to include an amalgamation of learning, values etc. This calls for an open-minded approach, and people tend to come together.

IPL and what steps can be done where the popularity of the league can go to the next level

IPL has gone on to evolve in popularity in the last few years. But there are a few points to consider so that the popularity of the league goes on to the next level. First and foremost, it includes the game of money. The selection of the players in the league occurs via auction. The players are playing for money as the owners of the team aim at earning money. The league did have its own share of controversies in the last few years. CSK has been banned for two years, and a lot of betting charges were levied upon the owners. Some of them were responsible for holding black money as well. Even the owners of RR had a tough team. It has to be said that the sheen of the league did go away when it comes to its popularity of the league.

Secondly understanding the techniques of the players holds a lot of importance. The players of different countries are known to play together, which indicates a lot about their playing techniques. It would replicate a scenario where an opponent goes on to use them during a cricket game. When you are playing a cricket game it is an important pointer that you need to consider. It is also going to make the players weary to a considerable extent. Cricket is a non-stop gaming, and hardly there is a gap between the games. So, the players are tired, and many of them have gone on to retire from one format. Ben Stokes is a classic example who retired from one format stating that cricket did take its toll on their mind and body.

Perhaps a little bit more thing that scheduling of the league could be a bit better. This league would take place in the month of April or May which tend to be hot months in the year of India. Some of the players end up facing scorching issues, more so in Rajasthan. The perspiration of the players tends to be more than usual and then things to drowsy. Perhaps the scheduling is done in such a way that players from all parts of the country can participate. In some cases, international tours are known to take place during this time. 

Perhaps most of the boards have gone on to realize that there has to be a separate window, and the BCCI has gone on to convince other boards to follow the same module. Even the sides that tour with their teams sends their B-grade teams. So a lot of sheens tend to go away during this time of the league.

To sum up, things the benefits of the league tend to outnumber whatever negative issues that may spring up during the course of the league. For starters, it is one of the best leagues in the world. But it is always better that you adopt a rational and balanced approach when it comes to the league. The scams were there and the IPL has made its way through that. A testimony to this fact is that the guilty were punished and cricket has emerged on top. After that, the controversy surrounding the league has gone on to be almost nil. One thing is for sure this player is expected to dish out some outstanding performances in the years to come.

These are some of the players who have gone on to make a mark in IPL. Time and time again we can expect the performances to improve at a major level.

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