How To Use Twitter To Boost Your Video Marketing Campaign


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Stunning videos take a lot of time and effort to create. That’s why it can be very sad when they remain under-marketed on social media. Since you have already invested a lot of money in creating compelling videos, don’t overlook its marketing and promotions. Most people post videos on FB, Twitter, and IG. But don’t forget Twitter, because even if it is a text-based platform, your videos can still make waves on there, too. You can click here to find out how. 

Don’t underestimate the power of Tweets in expanding your audience base, promoting your brand, generating leads, and creating conversions. With an online video editor, you can repurpose content and make sure your videos fit Twitter’s video specs and aspect ratios. In this mini-guide below, you can find out how to promote your video assets on Twitter. 

Create a Clear and Well-Planned Twitter Schedule

One thing you must remember about Twitter is that Tweets don’t live long. One of the studies on this platform shared that a single Tweets lifespan works for only 18 minutes. That short time frame certainly limits what you can do. 

Besides, how sure are you that your Twitter followers will even be active during that given moment? Thus, when publishing a Tweet, you can expect only a fraction of your follower count to see the post. For this reason, scheduling your tweets matter. This means you can publish the message at different times of the day to optimize its performance. For best results, you can do the following:

  • Repurpose Tweets and restyle video content using an online video editor.
  • Schedule a minimum of three posts for publication on different days and times to catch your audience. 
  • Use a content calendar to organize your plans and avoid confusion. 

Make Sure the Entire Team Plays a Part in the Process

You must involve your whole team in Tweeting. Why? Because more heads will provide a better and more diverse Twitter marketing approach. Though digital marketing is powerful, nothing can be collaborative marketing when it comes to crushing your goals. For the best results, check out how your whole team can promote your video ads. 

1. Utilize the Right Tools

Use an app that allows your team to add social media updates to one central board. You can be the moderator that reviews and schedules their suggestions for publication. This approach gives everyone a voice while ensuring you’ve got quality content on Twitter. Since more than one person is writing Tweets, choosing video links to share, and curating content with an online video editor, your audience will enjoy more diversity and creativity. On top of that, your moderation serves as the quality assurance step. 

2. Ensure the Team Works to Promote Everything 

Encourage your team to promote your brand in their profiles. Make sure everyone reTweets company content to increase the reach of each individual post. Since you spent a lot of time making the video with your online video editor, this work deserves exposure. Thus, you must focus on marketing this. Moreover, brief your team on how to monitor related discussions about your brand on Twitter.

Play with Different Hashtags for Maximum Exposure

Do you want to increase your Twitter following? Well, hashtags provide the perfect answer for that. These tags offer an excellent way to expand your brand’s reach beyond your immediate followers. However, resist the urge to use too many hashtags in one Tweet. Remember, hashtags can be clicked, so putting an excessive amount can steal attention and clicks from your video link. For the best results, do the following: 

  • Research popular hashtags based on the online video editor template you intend to use.
  • Use only one or two hashtags per post. 
  • Make use of diverse hashtags in all your tweets. 

Remember, perform keyword clustering to assess which phrases work well for your niche. This can help plan out hashtags and even your content. This allows you to see one concept and how others put it into different words. After all, people are unique, so they may express the same thing in different ways. Thus, keyword clustering and research provide tons of hashtag inspiration! It will also help inspire your team with the writing process and video-making script making using an online video editor. 

Make Use of Diverse Content Formats to Promote Videos

Apart from text, Twitter loves visual content. You can include visual quotes, animated GIFs, and snippet videos when promoting your ads. When you diversify your content, you can generate more exposure for your Tweets. But remember to lay it easy when you promote videos on Twitter. Just like excessive hashtags, too many visuals can steal clicks from your video link. Instead, you can try doing the following:

  • Use an online video editor to create dynamic slides with visual quotes.
  • Use your video maker to create a super short trailer.
  • Create promotional video teasers on Twitter.

Take the Time to Monitor Twitter Results

Finally, take time to monitor your Twitter video promotion results because you cannot improve if you do not evaluate and measure. Keep a close eye on your Twitter traffic. Check to see if there are new growth patterns. You can also do the following: 

  • Find out the specific people engaging with your Tweets. 
  • Assess what topics resonate with them the most. 
  • Figure out which gets the most reTweets. 
  • Evaluate which hashtags are the most effective. 
  • Analyze how many new followers you’ve had within a given time frame. 

It would help to use web analytics tools as they provide easy setup and tons of insight. You can then see how your different audiences interact with your videos. Remember to customize the fields in your tool to assess if you’ve met each of your objectives. With this data, you can understand your Twitter audience even more. Thus, you can create more compelling content and engage in them in a way that makes an impact.

Parting Words

Finally, you must make it a habit to check your Twitter traffic regularly. Although many have dubbed this as a text-based platform, it can still provide a lot of attention and support for your video marketing assets. With the right plan in place, you can leverage Twitter and make sure your video creations get the attention they deserve.

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