How To Get Rid Of Cigarette Smell In Your House?

by: Neha


If you are here, then you are surely struggling to get rid of the smell of smoke in your house. The lingering smell of smoke is not just unpleasant but also dangerous for your health. Even if it is a burnt toast, an unfortunate fire, or anything else. Nobody likes the idea of a home that smells of smoke. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you. The solutions to this problem are pretty simple. Read on to know them all.

Sometimes, it becomes very hard to get rid of the smell from your furniture. This is a time-consuming and expensive process. When the smoke is a product of burning cigarettes or a house fire then it becomes even harder to remove this smell. In cases of severe damage from smoke, the home needs furniture removal and refurbishing. If you are trying to sell your house with a problem with the smell of cigarettes then we recommend that you seek professional service.

In the meantime, you can go through this guide on how to get rid of the cigarette smell in your house.

Quick Methods

To remove the cigarette smell quickly, you have to open all the windows and paths of ventilation. Make sure that you throw away the cigarette buds and ashtrays too. If the smell hasn’t gone out yet, you need to soak a cloth in vinegar. Use ith to wipe down all the hard surfaces and upholstery in the rooms that smell. This should minimize the effect of smoke that has settled on the furniture.

Professional Methods

Hiring professional help is the best and most reliant method to deal with the smell of cigarette smoke in your house. In situations of severe smoke odor, they use special tools and equipment to complete the task. Professional help is always a better choice because cleaning and removing the smell of smoke yourself can put your health at risk as well.

Self-Help Methods

  • Work On Ventilation

You need to open up all the sources of possible ventilation. Let the sunshine come in through the doors and windows. This will make the environment at home fresh. It also help in killing the bacteria and germs present in the house. Plus this also brings in a sense of positive feeling.

  • Move The Air Inside The House

Switch on all the fans at your home. Even the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen. Don’t forget to switch on the chimney. You can also increase the pace and effect of this process by using box fans. Keep these fans in your windows with their face towards the outside. This will replace the air inside the rooms way faster.

  • Tractional Cleaning

The process of sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, and repeating is a very traditional method. Cleaning through the vacuum method removes minute layers of dust from rugs, curtains, furniture, etc. But, you need to check between regular intervals that the filter of the vacuum is clean enough.

  • Using Ammonia

Ammonia is an expert cleaner of hard surfaces. This chemical can wipe down most of the hard surfaces that you can find at your home. But you need to take precautions before the use of this chemical. Don’t let it touch bleach. Make sure that your house is ventilated at all times. Wear protective face wear which covers your eyes perfectly to avoid its fumes. Also, don’t use it on sealed surfaces like cupboards and cabinets.

  • Clean Glass And Mirror Surfaces

Clean all glass and mirror surfaces with vinegar mixed with warm water. These surfaces easily hold on to tar and soot from the smoke of cigarettes. Using this mixture to clean these surfaces. Later, use some basic glass cleaner for a good finish. No matter how much you clean, some furniture will still smell and the ultimate solution there would be calling the professionals or furniture removal. 

  • Use Activated Charcoal

Set out bowls filled with activated charcoal in your house which will help in absorbing the odor of the smoke. Things like kitty litter, coffee grinds, and baking soda also work in similar ways. These methods will help you in absorbing the smell.

  • Using A Dehumidifier

By setting up a dehumidifier you will be able to push away moisture from your home. Drying out through this process also discourages the growth of bacteria and other germs. These microorganisms always breed in humid environments and then trap the smell of cigarette smoke.

  • Using Vinegar And Lime

Put some lemon peels or some vinegar in water and boil the mix for twenty minutes. This will eventually neutralize the smell of cigarettes in the surroundings.

  • Deep Clean Or Furniture Removal

Sometimes deep cleaning the removable covers of furniture won’t help you enough. So, you might choose furniture removal and replacing these items with new ones to remove the smell.

  • Changing The Heating And Cooling Systems At Your Home

Sometimes, the filters of the heating and cooling systems at your home get clogged up. Consequently, this odor is getting trapped inside the house. So changing these systems will help you in maximizing airflow and wind circulation.

  • Stop Smoking Inside The House

Last but not least, you should consider not smoking inside your home space. That’s the right thing to do. Take it to an open space like your terrace, backyard, or lawn where the smell won’t stay. Also, you should keep all your clothes that you wear while smoking in a closed space like a laundry basket away from other clothes. And try washing these clothes frequently.

The Bottom Line

Smoking a cigarette will not only harm your health but also your surroundings. This may seem to be very unpleasant to the ones you love and will endanger their lives as well. You can always follow the guidelines given above to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke from your home or consider furniture removal and replacement if the problem has become too serious. This will surely make the space a better one to live in.

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