5 Reasons Why Google Search Console is Best ‘Free’ SEO Tool for Reporting



SEO agencies work hard to offer valuable services to their clients while improving their brand presence across the world wide web. But without tracking key metrics and comprehensive reporting, clients cannot understand the impact of your SEO strategies and active campaigns to materialize those strategies. 

Therefore, SEO companies use various software tools for effectively executing their internet marketing efforts. However, for real SEO success, Google Search Console is the best “free” SEO tool to consider. 

If your SEO ecosystem is Google based, there is no other free tool  that can compete with Google’s Search Console — called by the name ‘GSC’ by the search marketers.  

GSC has indeed become indispensable to show your clients the impact of all your SEO operations. 

What is Google Search Console? 

Google Search Console is nothing but a free online platform that enables website owners to easily track their keyword rankings, submit sitemaps, perform major technical SEO-related actions, and troubleshoot page experience problems. All this will help site owners to improve their site’s overall SEO performance. 

SEO agencies must encourage clients to have their own Google Search Console accounts and further add their company email as the primary user. After creating account and submitting sitemap on GSC, A SEO or Digital marketing agency can start offering valuable services to their clients. 

You can also make use of this platform to view Search Insights offered free by Google by clicking on ‘Search Console Insights’ button located on top right side of the GSC dashboard. 

5 reasons Google Search Console is the best SEO tool for reporting 

Here are the five reasons why Google Search Console is considered the best SEO tool for reporting:

1. For tracking site’s mobile compatibility

You need to go to Mobile Usability Report section on Google Search Console for tracking the site’s mobile compatibility. It not just tracks the site for mobile usability, but also finds areas for improvement. 

The report points out problems that affect a site and how many pages have different issues. From there, you can start working on the site’s mobile optimization. 

2. Check 100% of Keyword Rankings

SEO agencies’ main aim is to help their clients sit rank for various keyword searches while bringing valuable traffic. But without a clear picture of the rankings of different keywords, you cannot achieve that. It means that SEO agencies won’t be able to show clients all the efforts they have made so far. 

But Google Search Console is one effective tool that helps you monitor keyword ranking in real-time while keeping a tab on the site’s traffic. This way, SEO agencies can figure out which keywords are ranking higher and which keywords to focus on for improving their ranking. Using the right keywords, they can further make strategies to target the right audiences to bring in more traffic. 

3. Get Daily Updates

Since SEO software depends on SERP scraping, the keyword ranking details are often backdated as per the last crawl. For keywords with high search volume, those bots frequently scrape SERPs. However, for keywords with less search volume, these are not updated frequently. 

If you are working with niche industry clients targeting low search volume keywords, the limited bot crawling and updates is a major problem in the reporting. 

But with Google Search Console,  this is not an issue. It is because this tool has daily updates for rankings. It means you can easily see rankings for keywords with less search volume. Meanwhile, you can report to clients about your efforts in improving the ranking of specific keywords. 

4. Access Site’s SEO performance

Search Queries or Search Analytics helps you to know how a site shows up in Google search results. You can check how the search traffic changes with time and where exactly it’s coming from. Moreover, you get an idea about which queries are most likely to be displayed on a site. 

It also helps you to learn about the queries generated through smartphones and which webpages have the highest click-through rate via Google search results. Undoubtedly, Search Analytics is one of the important sections in the Google Search Console. 

Hence, this particular tool is important for marketers to assess a site’s SEO performance while working on improvements as required. 

5. Find Who Is Linking Back To Your Site  

Google Search Console also helps you find out who is linking back to your site most of the time. You can find this data in the “links to your site” section under the “search traffic”.

The more quality links (or backlinks) a site gets, the more Google’s algorithms are likely to recognize a site as of higher rank and value in the search result pages. 

Finding who is linking to your site, using Google Search Console, enables you to follow up those sites for building a mutually beneficial relationship. It may improve your chances of getting more backlinks as well. You also get to know that what sort of data is often linked to your web pages or site. It gives a picture of what is working and what’s not. So, there is a scope for improvement on the areas that are not working so well. 

Final Thoughts 

The use of Google Search Console is underrated. But it is a great tool for beginners to nurture their skillset. Just take your time to know how it works. Once you know its functioning, you’ll save a lot of time and money on expensive SEO tools. Furthermore, your clients will get regular updates and reports on how you’re working to improve their site’s SEO performance.

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