The Business Ladder: Is facilities management essential in maintaining a healthy business environment?



Maintaining a healthy, sustainable and comfortable business space for clients and employees ensures their productivity. But, how? It has been proven that a good working environment increases the productivity of employees and a well-maintained facility decreases expenses.

Facility managers are the heroes of work harmonisation. They are the ones in charge of ensuring the security, safety, and maintenance of various facilities in a workplace to cater to the needs of the whole company and protect its employees.

What is facility management?

Facility management is a program offered in some institutions or often called facility management training. A training specifically focused on improving one’s understanding of workplace organisation. This kind of training is for everyone, especially if you are an employee seeking advancement. 

A facility management training focuses on shaping your skills in four aspects:

Support on employees

Facility managers are the bridge that makes ends meet between the employees and their workplace; they serve as the voice of the employees’ needs in improving their working environment. They ensure the security of employees and the sustainability of their workspace. Their job is to organise, plan and analyse a more productive way to work without any disturbance. 

Integrating a more organised process

To maintain an organised, productive workforce, facility managers should ensure a uniform process to be followed by employees. They are in charge of the work process, forecasting the space for certain facilities that the company needs and provides quick, long-term solutions to emergency and unforeseen conflicts. It encourages you to innovate and integrate many office aspects.

Facility maintenance

Office facilities are almost the same as inventories. They need to be updated, checked and ensure that they are functioning well. As a facility manager, general repair, maintenance, and facility upgrade are one of your core duties. Usually, repair and maintenance cover a lot of a company’s expenses. So, you need to have a proactive approach to cut down costs in constant repairs. It would be best if you also chose which facility needs to be improved more. 

Keeping up with the technology

A financial manager’s understanding and knowledge of technology are vital, especially now that it is relevant in getting work done easily. Updating and upgrading the workplace’s technological equipment and software is part of your job. Decision making is a crucial and vital skill you will have to learn for this job. You can use various organising tools and software such as Integrated Workplace Management Systems or IWMS. It is like your virtual planner. It gives you an overview of the things you need to focus on. If you want to know more about his software, you can check it here.

Putting the welfare of your employees as one of your priorities reflects your personality as a business owner. Hiring or training someone that is equipped with facility management skills and knowledge is important in keeping the organisation and harmony of the overall productivity of your office. And as a financial manager, you become the voice, the bridge and the only way for an office to integrate and communicate with one another. You fill in the lapses, gaps and aim for a much better future in your office.