5 Things Real Estate Agents Wish Sellers Knew

When beginning the process of selling a home, most will look toward acquiring the services of a realtor. This can be a really good decision on the seller’s part as real estate agents are experienced when it comes to knowing the legal aspects of all that is involved.

Understanding real estate protocol isn’t easy- that’s what real estate agents are for! Here are some helpful tips your realtor may want you to know, but hasn’t discussed with you yet. In reference to being prepared, any extra tip is considered a good tip!

Pick An Agent and Stick With Them

When you pick a real estate agent to help you put your home on the market, a lot of work goes into this.

Typically, you’ll enter a contract with the realtor that is called an Exclusive Buyer/Seller Representation Agreement- which guarantees both parties will work with the other for an extended and agreed upon amount of time. This agent will become your point of contact for any sale and ensures all financial and legal aspects throughout the process. For lack of a better word, don’t cheat on your agent!

You Can Trust Your Real Estate Agent’s Expertise

When you begin the process to list your home or property, most people usually look to a realtor for their knowledge and skills, as well as their familiarity with the changing market.

Even if you believe your home should be listed for higher, agents know the market and aren’t emotionally connected to the home or property the way you are. They are well within their right to advise you well, for your best interest.

Communicate With Your Agent, Always

As many parents, bosses and even doctors have stated before, “I can’t fix it if I don’t know about it,” the same sentiment will ring true– even with your agent. When you begin the selling process, it’s important that you explain what you want, when you need it by, and that you communicate it within a reasonable timeframe so that your requests can be met. Don’t be afraid to talk to your agent; they can help you. It’s their job to do so!

Make Your Home Easy to Show

Today, the market is very competitive. If your home or property isn’t easily accessible by your realtor, potential buyers may be more likely to just skip viewing your home altogether. Because agents are a must-have, you’ll want others to be able to view and discuss your home without concern. If you have pets, consider boarding them or having them away from the home during a showing.

Treat Your Realtor With Respect

Most importantly, you should treat your realtor with respect. They are here to help you sell your home or property and will know about potential buys before they’re even listed on the market- this isn't just their job, it's their life too. Remember to keep in contact with them as they have other clients and a family to work around.

Requests that are made within a reasonable time frame and with consideration of their life outside of your contract are far more likely to be met kindly and quickly. They will do everything they can to help you and work with you, but understand if they have other obligations that may hinder your exact schedule.

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