5 Digital Marketing Tips For HVAC Companies

We are spending more time at home than ever. The majority of the current workforce is transitioning to independent contract work and remote work. This means that the 40 plus hours people used to spend at the office will be spent at home. 

HVAC businesses are more important than ever. Air Conditioning Contractors of America project 15% industry growth in the next ten years. 

However, the days of customers finding you in the phone book are gone. The vast majority of customers are relying on the internet to find their HVAC solutions. Businesses are looking for digital marketing tips to skyrocket their visibility. 

Online marketing, if not done right, can put a dent in the cash flow of your business. 

Here are some pro tips to get you in the right direction.

1. The Most Important Of All Digital Marketing Tips: SEO Optimization 

SEO is often looked at as this complicated concept that only tech-savvy understand, but that is not the case. SEO means that you are optimizing your website so that search engines rank you higher. This means that you have an SEO-friendly URL, organic keyword usage, and quality backlinks. 

There are numerous free resources that you can use to optimize your digital marketing plan if you are on a tight budget. Your best bet, however, is to invest money in a digital marketing strategy.

You have done the hard work building a website that has a great user experience but your analytics are not where you want them to be. Consider outsourcing your SEO to marketing companies that specialize in HVAC SEO to improve your search engine rank. 

2. Optimize for Mobile

The vast majority of your leads will come from mobile. You can not expect your sales to grow in 2021 if you are not optimized for mobile. 

Americans use their mobile devices to browse the internet about 3.5 hours a day. You are losing business by not investing time and resources into mobile optimization. 

3. CRM

A good chunk of your time should be spent lead nurturing and remarketing. Your CRM needs to be firing on all cylinders. Having a list of clients helps you target your marketing. 

You will know the demographics data of your clients and can target your marketing to reach the right people. 

4. Social Media Marketing

Everyone is on social media. Parents are on social media just as much as kids. A lot of consumers find businesses through Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. 

Online advertisement on social media allows you to see valuable analytics and tends to offer a great return on investment. You have the potential to reach 100,000 people with only 1000 thousand dollars in ad spend. 

5. U/X 

It does not matter how good your services are. If your website is ugly and hard to use, people will not forgive you for it. The market is oversaturated and you need every competitive advantage. 

Websites with a good user experience typically have a lower bounce rate and higher engagement. Hire a freelancer if need be. 

Optimize Your Digital Marketing Today!

The sooner that you optimize your marketing, the better. The best digital marketing tips are to invest in social media marketing, U/X, SEO optimization, CRM, and mobile optimization. 

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