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Dear writers, Developer Gang welcomes you to submit a guest post related to Cybersecurity Write For Us category is the prime topic to write about. This is the age where all people are using computers or digital devices. They don’t want to be hacked or non- secure. Most of the crowd of this world now depends on digital life. Their works are computer-based on the computer, so for them, security plays the main role.

Our intelligent writers want you to write for us about the cybersecurity topic, so we can make our audience more aware of today's technology.

From humble beginnings, Hashed Out has grown into one among the foremost popular cybersecurity blogs on the web . We welcome quite 2 million readers annually because of our coverage of industry news and our insights on the cybersecurity landscape. If you’ve got something to mention – and you’re looking to be heard – then Hashed Out may be an excellent spot to be heard.

If you're a neighborhood of the IT or Cyber Security community, we might love you to write down a guest blog post for us. meaning you’re knowledgeable – not a marketer or SEO. We’re trying to find insights on a variety of cybersecurity issues, also as perspectives on encryption and digital privacy issues. If you fit the bill and would really like to write down a guest post for us, fill out the shape below and pitch us thoughts for your article. Email us your blog or article at

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Topics We Cover for Cybersecurity Write For Us Category: 

  • Home Security — Security systems that are commonly utilized in residential properties.
  • Corporate Security — Security systems utilized in commercial buildings.
  • Private Security — Engagement in providing patrol services
  • Personal Security — Mostly talks about the security of well-known personalities.
  • Cyber Security — Guarding the knowledge on the worldwide web.

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Also, Accept the Topic Related or included in Cybersecurity write for us niche 

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Security
  • Network Defense
  • Incident Handling
  • Digital Forensics
  • Encryption
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Digital Certificates
  • Certificate Management
  • Code Signing
  • Email Security
  • Digital Signatures
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Data Security
  • Digital Privacy
  • Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Business Cyber Security
  • Phishing
  • Secure Programming Practices
  • Cybersecurity News
  • Newly disclosed exploits and vulnerabilities
  • Upcoming browser changes

Guidelines For Submission of Cybersecurity Write For Us Category:

  • Your post must be 100% unique. we've zero tolerance for plagiarized content.
  • Developer Gang want your guest post to be error-free and must be checked for both syntax and spelling errors before submission. Any article with grammatical errors will face disapproval.
  • Your guest blog must be reasonably long. Our recommendation is 800+ words but you’re liberal to write more or a touch less as long as your article is of the utmost quality.
  • Developer Gang only accept guest posts that fit with the theme of our website i.e. Cybersecurity, Online Privacy, VPN, Antivirus, Internet Security, Home Security, Anti-Cyberbullying, Cybercrime, and therefore the likes. inspect the already existing articles on SecureBlitz. Off-topic articles will face rejection.
  • Articles that are geared towards promoting your product or service, thereby providing little or no importance to our readers might not be approved. For your promotional or sponsored post, you would like to contact us directly or visit our Advertise page.
  • Include a minimum of one picture, or graphic in your post to form the article standard.
  • We only accept 1 backlink (No-follow) per guest post which must not be associated with gambling, fictitious or Adult sites. If you would like a Do-follow backlink, you would like to contact us with more details.
  • Adding affiliate links to the guest post isn't allowed. If you would like to sponsor a post instead, you'll Advertise with us.

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