How to Choose CPC bidding amount in Google Adwords Campaign

HI guys...!! We are back with another blog of PPC (Pay Per Click). AS you know we have already posted a series on PPC of Google Adwords. If you did not check yet, you must visit the website home page. To continuing the PPC series we have covered the topic of Manual CPC (Cost Per Click). In this blog, you will be able to make a strategy for choosing the amount of CPC with a simple example. AS we have tried on other topics. This blog covers questions like:

What is CPC - Cost Per Click Advertising?

How to Choose Average CPC?

What is Actual CPC - Cost Per Click Formula?

What is CPC Marketing?

What is CPC Adwords or Ads?

How to Calculate CPC cost?

All the above questions will be covered in this Adwords blog. To choose manual CPC cost-per-clicks, you have to understand about the strategy on what you are going to create a campaign Let us understand in a tree. 1. Total billing amount for a Campaign 2. Tenure of the Campaign 3. Daily Budget 4. Estimated Clicks 5. CPC (Cost per Click) For Every Campaign, you need the above 5 main points in mind. If you are doing this for your client then you can ask these points to make sure about your strategy. Also, you can write on a Note pad or a copy for your campaign when you are going to learn about your targeted audiences and strategy. Let’s start in step by step. 1. Total billing amount for a Campaign: That means what is the total amount for your budget which you are going to spend on your particular campaign. Suppose In my Digital marketing services. If I want to run a campaign for my services to make more reach and audience. I will start with my first campaign with 500 Indian rupees. For USA users, I will start with $500. This is the amount I can say work in a parallel way. Because it is not less and not exceed the genuine amount budget. By setting up this budget I will be able to check and analyze my campaign or make my strategy. Because if we want to run a campaign with a strategy only then we can make a success with low CPC. 2. Tenure of the Campaign: After fixing up the total budget we have to analyze how long our campaign work? According to my budget that is 500rs. (You can have any that suits your). Let us say to know about my audience reacts to the ad I will check for at least 10 days. In these 10 days, I will be able to check or analyze my ads performance. Means to reach on some particular solution I will check on a daily base. 3. Daily Budget: To get the daily budget for the CPC bidding I will get by the above two fields. As we know the Total budget and the period to run a campaign. That is: 500rs /10 = 50rs. In US Dollars: $500/10 = 50$ I get my daily budget 500rs or $50. Now it will become easy to go for the next step. 4. Estimated Clicks: If we have reached on the daily budget easily then we can decide clicks according to that. Let’s say in 50rs or $50 I am looking for 10 clicks. You can choose any number that is 11 or 9 or any. In the case of 10 clicks My CPC – Cost per click will be 5rs. 5. CPC (Cost per Click): Daily budget divided by Estimated Clicks. That is 50/10 = 5rs or $5. The main purpose of the above example is to understand the CPC model. Estimated CPC. In this way, we can understand the CPC bidding. Once you go through the above example model it will become easy for you to run and analyze the campaign. Now we can understand the Keywords bidding that we see when choosing our keywords on the Google keywords planner. When you already prepared the CPC bidding structure like above it will be easy to go and choose the Keywords. Continue with my example of Digital marketing services, I will look for now keywords on Google Keywords planner. manual CPC See the above screenshot. I searched in planner “digital marketing service”. It is showing the searches of 1K – 10K. That is good. But in case of bidding it is 35.51rs - 96.04rs. Which is not matched my CPC modal.Because my CPC bidding is 5rs. I have to find the keyword nearby rs.5 or $5. For this, I will scroll down in the planner again and check which will work best for me and the keywords do have searches. Fortunately, we can find the keyword “service marketing” that has good searches per month that is 1K – 10K. bidding-google-adwords And the bidding range is relevance to my CPC bidding modal. The biding range is between 5.29rs - 56.91rs which is near to 5rs or $5. I have created a basic workflow based on my experience to get the CPC bidding amount. You can use any you would like to. The main idea of this blog is to analyze the strategy of Google Adwords CPC bid range. Read and enjoy it