10 Content Tips to Attract New Clients on LinkedIn

by: Neha

Digital Marketing

If you’re running a content strategy on LinkedIn, you already know how efficient it can be in driving new clients. However, if you’re not marketing on LinkedIn yet, now is the time you start doing something about it. 

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out, here is a list of top 10 content tips to supercharge your content creation and attract new clients on LinkedIn. 

Use various content types

To add maximum value and keep your audience glued to your content, use as many types of content as you can. 

Here are a few ideas that you can add into your content schedule:

  1. Tell them a motivating life experience you had.
  2. Find industry-specific memes related to your target audience.
  3. Is there any stereotype of your industry you wish to clear up for more people? Film a short native video and talk about it.
  4. Run polls to engage with your audience. 
  5. What’s your achievement this month? Use images along with your status updates.
  6. What’s something useful you can bring to the table for others not in your field? Create useful lead magnets to help them.

Utilize the power of hashtags

Ignoring the use of hashtags means ignoring many potential eyeballs. Hashtags give access to a large number of pre-built follower bases. 

Wondering how you should add hashtags that effectively drive traffic?

  • Use only 3-5 hashtags.
  • Always place your hashtags at the end of your posts.
  • Mix and match hashtags with both large and small numbers of followers.

While hashtags with over millions of followers allow you to reach a wider audience, believe me, everyone is thinking the same thing. In no time, your posts will be flooded with others competing against you within that hashtag.

To combat this, it’s equally important to add smaller hashtags with no more than 5,000 followers so your posts always stay on the top.

Use a Google Chrome extension LinkedIn Hashtag to find the hashtag followers within seconds by typing your hashtags in the search bar. 

With a few quick searches, we can know that #socialmediatips has 1k followers, #contentmarketing has around 600k, and #socialmedia being the biggest hashtag among all three.

This is a perfect combination! 

With 3 hashtags ranging from the scale of 1k, 500k, and millions. Your posts will stay on top within the hashtag pages and reach a wide audience at the same time.

Utilize the power of communities

Join top LinkedIn groups from your industry and network with like-minded beings. Try to solve the problems the members are posting about. Share your views and useful tips with them. Aside from this, leveraging the power of LinkedIn communities also helps amplify your content reach

Follow the AIDA formula

Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action (AIDA) are the 4 stages of audience awareness of your brand.


Is your content targeted towards beginners in this field who have no idea about your products and services? If so, you should create content that is focused more on educating rather than promoting. 

It’s crucial to identify the audience’s needs in each stage and fulfil them by periodically creating content. This way, not only are you attracting prospects by providing valuable information they need, you are also moving them through the sales funnel. 

Use a content calendar

Having a content planner or calendar is essential to keep track of your content inspirations, deadlines, workflow, and posting dates. A content planner cuts down the time in brainstorming ideas, reduces the risk of making silly mistakes, and streamlines your content strategy. It also makes tracking content performances much easier.

Create multipurpose content. 

While you’re researching for content ideas, always keep the multipurpose use of content in mind. How many ways can you repurpose a single piece of content? Can you turn the insights you generated from your LinkedIn poll into a blog post on your website? Can you turn a LinkedIn pulse article into multiple posts? 

I know brainstorming is difficult, that’s why it’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to repurpose. 

Write in bulk

To deal away with the constant tension of coming up with ever new content, write a month’s content in one go. Brainstorm 6-8 ideas for a month and write them down in a day. It helps you focus on your business while your content takes care of itself throughout the month. 


If you’re struggling to free up time for creating content, outsourcing to a copywriter is a great option. Find a copywriting expert in your industry from freelance marketplaces like Upwork. You might have to guide them through the first couple of months but once they grasp your style and preferences, they can take over the whole process for you.

Use Google Alerts for content ideas

Google Alerts is a massive source of content inspiration. Set up a Google alert about your industry, and you will be getting fresh content ideas non-stop. Setting up Google alerts is easy and takes only a few minutes. 

Use scheduling tools

Now that you have prepared a load of content, it’s time to automate your postings. Once you’re done creating the posts, use a scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Planin.io, and let the automation take care of the rest for you. 

The Bottom Line

LinkedIn is a game-changer for your content marketing strategy. Of all the users on LinkedIn, only 1% posts on a regular basis. Yes, the competition is that low. If you can consistently share high-quality content on LinkedIn, soon you will become an industry authority and drive all your competitions away!  

Author: Mahdi Hasan

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