What is Cloud Hosting and Who is Best Cloud Hosting provider in India?

by: Ankush Chhabra

Cloud Hosting

Are you one among those people who confuses when it comes to picking a suitable hosting service for a high performing website? Then you are at the right place, here in this article cloud-hosting services are briefly elaborated along with the tips for choosing cloud-hosting services in India.

Well, you might doubt why to choose cloud-hosting service over dedicated and VPS hosting. For that, below-mentioned sections will explain why cloud hosting is mostly preferred than other hosting types by many business people.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is the process of hosting a website on a cloud-computing platform. The applications or websites hosted in cloud hosting keeps offering its services in the World Wide Web, by making use of the cloud resources, and cloud computing benefits.

Unlike the other hosting types, in this cloud-hosting model, there is no physical server for hosting a website. Instead, there would be a network connecting multiple physical servers through cloud technology, which ensures the hosted applications or websites keeps functioning.

Since there are multiple physical servers connected virtually, website hosted in cloud server can avail more flexibility and scalability then sites hosted in other hosting types. The topmost features of cloud hosting could be data redundancy and cost-effective.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • Increased Scalability- Cloud hosting allows flexible on extending the CPU and RAM resources of the server, besides it also offers easy scalability option when your website witness growth in terms of increases in viewers’ traffic.
  • Data Security- Data Security is one of the biggest concerns in the web industry, irrespective to small or large-scale businesses. Though one can believe there may be data breach possible in cloud computing but with the advanced cloud computing technology data breach can be blocked 100%. Cloud hosting offers many advanced security features that guarantee that data is stored and handled safely. However, it is purely upon the service provider’s ability.
  • Increased Collaboration- By making use of the Cloud computing technology in cloud hosting, it leads towards the team collaboration that eventually increases productivity. Various professionals around the world can easily collaborate on one projects virtually and able to share their opinions. Cloud hosting offers easy sharing and real-time updates to the hosted websites.
  • Amazing Speed- when compared with all other hosting types, Cloud hosting offers high speed. Because of more than one physical server connected in a network, there will not be any compromise in sharing server resources. Owing to this, cloud hosting offers easier load balancing between multiple server environments, which can help reduce the burden on a single server resource.
  • Flexibility- Unlike other hosting servers, Cloud hosting offers overall flexibility. If your site experiences high growth and requires extra bandwidth to tackle slow data transfer means, it can be scalable instantly in Cloud hosting. In simple words, cloud hosting offers you the freedom and flexibility can make a significant difference to the website’s efficiency.
  • Cost Savings- Cloud hosting can be availed at low cost and it significantly reduces the capital expenditure of hosting a website. However, the scalable billing method of cloud hosting forces site owners or webmasters to pay for services and resources consumed by the hosted sites upon its need.
  • Disaster Recovery- Cloud hosting has amazing recovery services than other hosting types. With that recovery services, sites can be back alive without taking much time. In case of emergency or disastrous events, this recovery services offered by cloud hosting plays a vital role in bringing back site. Unlike other hosting types, with cloud hosting downtime of your site that causes loss of productivity, revenue, and brand reputation can significantly reduce.

Tips on Choosing Cloud Hosting Service

If you decided to move on with the cloud hosting services, then you should start selecting the service provider who highly reliable and fully capable of handling cloud servers effectively. Here are the vital factors that need to be considered for evaluating the cloud hosting service provider.

  1. Business Health: It is about seeking details of the service vendor’s record of accomplishment and stability in offering Cloud hosting services.
  2. Administrative Support: It is about understanding the services offered by the service provider along by monitoring the performances.
  3. Technical Capabilities: It is about evaluating how the service provider technical management and ability to upgrade their technical capabilities to the latest version.
  4. Security: It is on the vital factor to consider among the service providers. Make sure you are satisfied with the security infrastructures and security policies offered by the service provider.
  5. Cloud hosting Cost: Finally, compare the price of the cloud hosting plans offered by the service provider with the others and make sure you are paying worthy for the services offered.

Apart from those factors, always consider hiring a Cloud hosting service provider based on their reputation values by real customers/people. Also, you can find a lot of reviews on the various online forum, which can help to sort the best cloud service provider in the location.

Choosing Cloud Hosting Service in India

When it comes to the most promising developing country India, you can find several host providers offering Cloud hosting services by giving several promising services and features. However, proper evaluation is mandatory before getting engaged.
Based on the reputation factor and reliability factor, India’s eWebGuru rated as one of the top Cloud hosting service provider.

Why you should choose eWebGuru Cloud Hosting Service?

  • eWebGuru offers affordable Cloud Hosting services
  • eWebGuru offers dedicated cloud server plans that suit perfectly for all types of websites
  • eWebGuru offers Cloud Server starting from just Rs. 3,995 per year
  • Customer can avail 24/7/365 customer care support from the expert panel of eWebGuru


Cloud Hosting utilizes the concept of Cloud Computing, which posses various advantages if it handled in the right manner. The scalability features offered by the Cloud makes the Cloud Hosting superior to all other hosting types. Getting fully advantages of Cloud computing is possible only by engaging with the reliable service provider just like the eWebGuru.

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