How to Make a Checklist for an Everyday Audit of Your Website



Is it accurate to say that you are building up your site? Or then again do you as of now have your site page? Have you ever wondered what your website score is? Or what’s your website ranking among the competitors? If not, then there is a need to keep a check so you know about the success of your website.

Now the question is what tools you can use to audit your website to maintain the integrity of your digital business? The solution is simple. You have to do a website audit. But how you have to do it? Let’s check the procedure and see how the website authority checker works?

Website Audit and Time to Check

A website audit allows you to check everything about your site. It determines how your site is working. It allows you to check that what changes your site need and how you can maintain it. Before you apply the tips and checklist for your website audit you should check your website from time to time. The best to have a check on your website at the following periods

  1. Monthly check

You can use the DA PA checkerto check the website on a monthly basis. In this way, you can catch errors and modify them to keep your site healthy.

  • Yearly check

It is essential to check your site yearly. Your website is your major business source. Therefore, it is important to monitor errors and non-updated content. You must Page Authority checker tool to do so. In this way, you can update your website and give your viewers new content.

  • Manage content calendar

An ideal way, to keep a complete check on your website is that make a plan, so you can audit your website accordingly. In this way, you will not miss anything on our website and you will keep it updated.

Now once you decide the strategy to keep a check on your website you can check page authority by using the following tips

1. Determine The Number Of Audiences Your Website Has

It is obvious that the website gets popularity because of its visitors. If you don’t have viewers then it means you fail to achieve your target. Therefore, first, you know the number of viewers your website has.

You can use the pa checker, google analytics pr statistics platform to determine the ration of your viewers. In this way, you can check visitor data nad determine the changes to the number of visitors on your website, pages that attracted your audience, and the difference in number from previous month analysis.

By this technique, you can evaluate the change as well as examine the reasons for the difference in the number of viewers. Use Moz Rank Checker to determine the values as well as compare your site with competitors to perform better in the future.

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2. Website Content Assessment

The number of viewers determines the rating of your site but the page itself describes many clues regarding your business rating. Via bulk authority checker you can do an audit of your website to check the following key things

  • It determines that either your content is up to dated or not
  • Does your website contain old content?
  • Is your site containing social joins?
  • Does your site have important links?
  • Does your website contain relevant images?
  • Does the image contain the alt tag?

These are all key points that the authority checker determines and let you know what steps you have to take to grow your e-commerce business and get high rankings.

3. Brokenlink Checking

The website audit checklist includes an important thing that is the broken links. You cannot avoid these because they play a role in taking down your website. Therefore, the bulk da checker is an excellent source to determine the number of broken links. You can check, find, and fix them. It is the best way to determine the broken links and maintain the links.

Use of Action Items

For a website audit, it is ideal to use certain tools and action items. It helps to monitor your website regularly thus maintain it automatically. You can use the Page Authority Checker to check how your website is working and what changes are required to do so. It will determine all your Off-page, in page SEO and other factors that help to maintain the quality of your website

Use a Smart DA PA Checker

Above we have mentioned a few things that you have to keep under consideration. But for all these, you have some reliable source for making an audit of your website.

You should use the tool that perfectly matches your website audit needs. For that purpose, give a chance to the free DA checker online. It is an ideal source that will determine and compare the website functionality.

One of the best things is that you can check 500urls at one time. Isn’t it awesome? It means you can get to know your website ranking and evaluate the drawbacks your website has. In this way, you can bring amendments to the website to get a positive difference in the future.

It is the very user-friendly and basic website. Just copy the URLs and paste on the box to get the result. So don’t wait for more. Open the tool now, and get ready to check your ranking as well as check what things are keeping your website at low ranking.

It is an excellent way to determine your website level on the search engine. If you really want to get high rankings and want to know why your site is not getting the five stars then keeps check on your website regularly.


To have a regular audit for your website is important. If you remain careless then it will be hard to grow in the digital world. So be conscious about your e-business and maintain a checklist of your website to stay up to date.

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