Blunts vs. Joints: What’s the Difference?

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Did you know that in the U.S. have legalized medical marijuana? In addition to that great progress, over 10 states allow recreational use as well.

For people who are just getting into the wonderful world of weed, you might have some pressing questions you’d want to be answered before you start dropping a lot of cash on various cannabis products.

Are you wondering what the difference between blunts vs joints is, for instance? Keep reading to learn all about it.

What Is a Blunt?

Before you buy blunts, it’s a good idea to at least know the basics first. Blunts and joints have the exact same insides. They both feature cannabis without any additional products in it.

However, the major difference between a blunt and a joint is that blunts are contained in tobacco paper. There are two ways to make or buy a blunt. You can either purchase it all factory-sealed up and ready to go or you can take a cigar, for example, and empty it of all the tobacco.

It’s quite easy to seal your blunt after you’ve filled the cigar casing with your cannabis. All you need to do is hold up the flame of a lighter to it and move it back and forth until the seam has burnt closed.

If you’re ever unsure about whether you’re looking at a blunt or a joint, take note of the color. Anything that’s brown is almost always going to be classified as a blunt.

What Is a Joint?

Now that you’ve learned what a blunt is, perhaps you’d prefer to buy joints. Unlike the brown of a blunt, joints are often recognized by their gray or white color. You may be surprised to know that joints are the most popular way that people smoke weed.

There are two ways to get a joint. You can either purchase them rolled and ready to be lit or you can buy rolling papers and filters to create your own joints. The benefit of this is that you can put whatever strain of weed in the joint you prefer.

Don’t forget to purchase a grinder so that you can sprinkle the weed into your rolling papers. If you don’t have this product, then it’ll be really hard if not impossible to make a proper joint.

Unlike a blunt, you can close your papers by simply twisting the end you plan on burning and then licking the seam so that it shuts closed. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a filter because it also helps a lot with the shape of the joint. In fact, people refer to the filter as a crutch because, without it, your joint won’t be rigid and will be harder to smoke.

Which Is Bigger?

As you get excited about the marijuana products that are available, you might also be wondering whether a joint is bigger than a blunt or vice versa. After all, size does matter when it comes to weed.

Simply put, the size of your joint will depend upon the size of the rolling papers you have on hand. The length of the papers could be as long as 4 inches and as short as 2.75 inches. Somewhere in between those two numbers is the most common, about the size of the average cigarette.

As for the size of papers in general, you could go big or go home with the King Size or you could play it safe with the Single Wide paper. If neither of those is doing it for you, then there’s always Double Wide, as well as 11/2 and 11/4.

The bigger your papers are, the more weed you’ll be able to fit inside.

As for blunts, they can vary in size as well. If you’ve ever seen a cigar, then you know that they can get quite large. With that in mind, you can end up making a monster-sized blunt out of a giant tobacco case.

If you have something that big, you should fill it with Delta 8 THC and pass it around to your best friends for a fun evening. Be sure to get the answer to the question, “How long does Delta 8 THC stay in your system?” That way, you’ll be able to plan out your activities better.

What Are the Flavor Differences?

Just as smoking CBD can have a different flavor from other products, joints and blunts also have differences in their flavors.

When it comes to blunts, there’s a tobacco flavor in the paper that will get infused with the flavor of whatever weed you use. Depending on the weed, the exact combination could be great or a bit of an acquired taste. The best part is that the nicotine in the paper will enhance the high you get from your cannabis.

Compared to blunt paper, joint paper is often flavorless. However, there are rolling papers for sale that allow you to choose between various flavors. The flavorless paper is for purists who want to savor the taste of their weed without any extra stuff getting in the way.

Some people prefer additional flavors because they don’t like the flavor of weed. Instead of writing off weed flavor in general, it can be helpful to try other strains first.

Are You Ready to Choose Between Blunts vs Joints?

Now that you’ve learned all about the difference between blunts vs joints, you can decide which is better for your needs. You could also have a generous stash of each kind and pick one depending on your mood at the time. It never hurts to have options when it comes to cannabis, including CBD products.

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