How to choose Bluetooth speakers (Speakers buying guide)



Bluetooth is the main system which is used in most of the wireless audio equipment like wireless earphone and wireless speakers. People are loving these Bluetooth speakers due to their ultra-portable functionality.

Are you the one who is looking to buy a Bluetooth speaker to get rid of that tangled cable and want to carry your music anywhere with you?

Below we are going to mention some points which you should keep in mind while choosing the best Bluetooth speakers for yourself.

Main Driver Unit

The main objective of buying a speaker is to listen to music. The Driver is the unit which can give you the idea about the sound output of Bluetooth speaker without actually listening to it.

A Driver is the main individual speaker which is responsible for producing sound from the electronic current. The thing which you must keep in mind is the size of speaker. Basically, larger-sized driver unit results in more powerful sound output but the quality of sound depends upon the technique and material used in making the drivers.

The size of drivers is measured in milometers and for Bluetooth speakers usually ranges between 30-50mm. Most of the driver units are round in shape but some audio equipment manufacturers like JBL are also making racing track shaped driver units. I found better sound output in raced track drivers as compared to traditional round drivers.

Battery Backup

Unlike in-ear headphones, portable Bluetooth speakers need a battery in order to amplify the sound and make the Bluetooth system working.

The battery capacity of Bluetooth speakers is measured in mah (milliampere-hour). More mah capacity a battery will result in better battery backup statement is not completely true, because other factors like size of drivers and connectivity options also affect the battery backup.

If you are going to buy a Bluetooth speaker then it always better to check user review who already have bought a specific product. Also, the thing which you should keep in mind is the charging input type. In my opinion, it is better to have a USB jack which will let you charge the speaker and smartphone with the same charger.

Connectivity Options

We are talking about wireless speakers and wireless technology is not limited to Bluetooth but nowadays some manufacturers have also started using advanced technology like Wi-Fi. But Wi-Fi technology is often found in costly and high-end Bluetooth speakers. When compared to Bluetooth speakers, Wi-fi speakers has wider connectivity field and faster audio signal transmission.

Apart from wireless connectivity most of the speakers will come with additional connectivity option like,

AUX input to connect Bluetooth speakers with 3.5mm jack of your mobile or laptop.

TFT slot to let you insert memory card directly into the speaker.

USB port to let you insert USB devices like card readers and Pen drives and play the music directly in the speaker.

Some connectivity options like NFC to pair Bluetooth speakers with a simple touch and party boost to connect multiple speakers with the same audio source are often present in Bluetooth speakers.

You should keep in mind that what feature and connectivity options are essential for you and then select the best Bluetooth speaker for yourself.

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Water and Dust proof

Now its clear that you are buying Bluetooth speaker because you want to carry it anywhere. So, imagine you carried it to the beach or swimming pool along with you. It becomes crucial for a Bluetooth speaker to be waterproof and dustproof.

Never forget to check the waterproofing certification of the speaker that you are going to purchase. Most of the speakers are water splash proof which can withstand some splashes of water but some manufactures like Sony and JBL have built Bluetooth speakers which can be submerged into water. Of course, the cost of these speakers is comparatively high.


There shall be some controls placed in Bluetooth speaker which will let you control music playback and volume without the need of touching your smartphone every time. Also, remember to buy a Bluetooth speaker which has an inbuilt mic to let you enjoy calls directly from the speaker.

Additional Features and enhancements

Above were the common and essential features but now having some bonus features along with the above features. Like some speakers by JBL and Sony comes with party boost feature, using which you can connect multiple speakers with each other to produce stereo sound.

Some speakers also have built-in support for Amazon Alexa and google assistant which will let you operate speakers with voice commands.

Final verdict

Using wireless speakers to listen is a great experience but buying a Bluetooth speaker without having knowledge about it may result in un-necessary headache. Nobody wants to waste their earned money by choosing the wrong products. Our guide above will help you to choose the best Bluetooth speaker without worrying much about the things you don’t know.

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