Best Technology Jobs in 2020



The technology industry is growing at a high rate, and there are many job opportunities. Technology is taking over the world fast, with many things introduced daily. Which are the job opportunities? Let’s talk about them with experts.

Machine Learning Engineer

These engineers are highly on-demand and are earning a basic salary of$146,085. There was a rapid growth from the year 2015-2018. Machine engineers spend time training models that require natural language processing.

Data Scientist

Data scientists are in high demand, and a good number can get jobs. They compile and present data for companies and organizations for decision making. For any technology job, a data scientist is a better option. They earn an average of $120,495 and the job growth grown massively by 54%.

Information Security Analyst

Digital information is growing at a high rate. That is why information security analysts are required. They protect information from cyber hacks. They make sure that data is very safe and find measures of protecting them. They earn a salary of$98,350.

Software Engineering

Software engineering is unique. By 2018, software engineers were earning a median salary of$105,590.This a job to consider if the technology is your career.

Computer Research Scientist

They help in making computer technology better and interesting. It is one of the best careers paying a median salary of $118,370.

Data Analyst

Data is vital, hence, many job privileges. They are good at interpreting data, and that is what every company needs. They find better ways of utilizing data and making them accurate. A data analyst earns a salary of $118,370.

IT Manager

They manage data and also help in information technology. They find ways of improving IT systems. By 2018 they were earning an average salary of $142,530.

Database Administrator

They help customers manage their data and make sure the computer works perfectly. They make an average salary of of$90,070.

Web Developer

Web designers manage the internet by maintaining, programming, and building websites. $78,662 is the salary they earn.

Computer Hardware Engineer

They earn a fair amount of money,$114,600 for the great job they do. The engineers make the hardware in computers, which plays a major role. Technology companies need them at a very high rate.

Computer System Analyst

They update computers for companies because of how technology changes. They make a reasonable amount of $88,740.

DevOps Engineer

They make sure that software is efficient and with no problem. In 2019, they were earning a maximum of $111,311.

Computer Network Architect

The architects do program infrastructure for businesses and are behind designing digital systems. For a good job, they earn a salary of about $109,020.

Tech Sales Engineer

They help start a technology career without coding. It is one of the best occupations because it helps you live a lavish life. They make approximately $101,420, which is not a small amount.

PHP Developer

They improve websites and software by adding new functions and also features. They make an average amount of $86,616

Python Developer

It is one of the best jobs in technology. They help in creating codes, testing them for apps and software. They make roughly $85,571 as their salary.

Mobile Application Developer

They are in high demand. It is because of their creativity and problem-solving ideas. Their average salary is $73,034

Web Designer

A web designer works with the application of websites. Their earning is $64,030 for their services.

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