Best Keyword research tool to get lots of traffic on your website

How many keyword research tools are here?

If you are a digital marketer or SEO expert then you definitely know bout what is keyword research and what is its importance. Because this article is only for those who are new or experts in the Digital marketing field.

We are going to discuss Uber suggest which is the best keyword research tool nowadays. but first, let’s Discuss top keyword research tools. Because it is very confusing for a fresher to know which is the best tool in these lots of tools.

Two best free keyword research tool

There are many keyword research tools in the market. Some keyword research tools are free and some are paid but there are two keyword research tools that are totally free for keyword research is Ubersuggest and Keyword planner.  If you are a beginner in digital marketing or SEO then you should try these two keyword planning tools to find the best keyword for your website or Blog.

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Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest

Uber suggest is the best tool for the beginner as well as expert SEO and Digital marketing experts because when we are doing keyword research and planning to write a blog on our website then we need a keyword which has high traffic as well as the low competition but if we don’t find the exact figure of traffic then how can we able to select the particular keyword for our blog or website. 

Uber suggest is the tool that helps you to find the exact amount to searches on a particular keyword it also helps you to find its exact SEO difficulty. it also has many features like competitors analysis and backlink checker tool but when Ubersuggest is just launched it all was free services give by Neil Patel but recently it is converted into a paid tool. I don’t know why it has happened but it is the best keyword research tool I have ever used.

Google Keyword Planner

when I was at the initial phase of my learning about SEO  and aspects of Digital marketing my mentor tells me to stick on google keyword planner.

it is the best tool for keyword research but when I used it. It always gives a problem because it never shows me the exact amount of searches on the keyword. it always shows the searches between 1k-100k and it was so confusing to find the exact amount between this ratio. but when I was learning and applying all my knowledge and during that period I found a blog where a blogger is suggesting uber suggest to there followers and when I used it I just started using it always.

it always shows everything at one time like Average Searches in a month, Cost per click, SEO Difficulty, Paid difficulty (it is useful for them who want to start ads on that keyword). till today I am using uber suggest for keyword research so I also recommend you that if you want to grow your traffic on your website or blog then just start using Ubersuggest for keyword planning or research.

Exact Difference

The exact difference in both keyword research tools is its exact amount of searches. Ubersuggest gives you the exact amount of searches which is shown below.

SO I hope you will help you to refine your keyword research and helps you to attract a lot of traffic to your websites and blogs and there are more factors which are affecting your website ranking like Domain name, web hosting you are using and what is your SEO strategy and lots more. you should also know about Best Web Hosting for Small Business.

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