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Developer Gang founded in March 2016, by Gaurav Kumar from Chandigarh, India.

Developer Gang is a website for those who creates and maintain websites like we can say for the Web Developers, Web Designers, Webmasters, and so on.
Our aim is to make web development easier and more easier by providing high quality resources and useful tutorials to our readers.

About Author Mr. Gaurav
Hi, my name is Gaurav Kumar and I specialize in Computer Software industry.
I have been working as a Software Developer from last 3+ years,and its my passion to learn new technology and sharing what I’ve learned.
I am fond of writing Blogs and Press release also.
Wanted to know more about Developer Gang?

As you already know we are a team of Developers and Designers.
We provide all the Website Development, Website Designing, Digital Marketing and YouTube Marketing Services. We are available 24/7 to meet our customers need.

What about Guest Blogging?

Yes, You heard write. We accept Guest Posts. But only Quality blogs.
You can check our home page Write for us. In which you will able to see that we have many posts with informative content.

What are the Categories that you accepted?

We accept almost all the categories. You can Submit Blog Post on all the categories.
You can check the list of some of the main categories into next question.

Can You Provide us the categories list for Guest Blogging?

On Users’ demand, we have listed categories name that usually you can try to find out of our website.

Digital Marketing Blogs Write For Us
Technology Business Write For Us
Online Marketing Write For Us
Marketing Blogs Write For Us
Content Marketing Write For Us
Business Advice Write For Us
Entrepreneur Write For Us
Startup Write For Us
Investment Write For Us
Seo Write For Us
Technology Write For Us
Tech Blogs Write For Us
Tech News Write For Us

Home and Improvements
Real Estate
Business Etc.

are on the top of the list.

More Categories List

technology blog “write for us”

write for us guest post technology

technology + “write for us” + guest post

submit guest post technology

contribute to technology guest post

Write for us Technology

How to Contact You or your Team?

To contact us for any Website-related work or Digital Marketing Work or Guest Blogging just send us Email: developergang1@gmail.com.
Or Contact us by filling the form.

Common Questions that everyone should be aware of

How do I start freelancing as a content writer?

During our journey, We have learnt several things. To become an established freelance writer. We have jotted down some points to help you understand what you exactly needed to become a content writer.

1. Write, Write and Write

It may seem like a very lame suggestion and you may be like, duh I know. But believe me, to become an established freelance writer, the primary thing that you need is to hone your writing skills. Practice writing as much as you can.

2. Read a lot

Your writing skills will improve when you have a determination for reading a lot. It will not only increase your vocabulary but also will help you expand your horizon.

3. Learn New Skills

As much as quality content is preferred by clients, there is the stuff that you must keep in mind while writing for them. When you become a freelance writer for a website, your client relies on you to write content that is good in quality and helps in ranking his website. Learn search engine optimization(SEO) basic HTML and WordPress. If you do not want to learn the languages, at least learn SEO.

After you’ve acquired your skills and have decided that now you CAN write for clients, here’s a list of things you need to do.

1. Make a Website

A writer MUST have a website. If you do not, make one. You do not need to have advanced website making skills or learn a whole set of programming languages. All you need is just go to a free website maker like Wix or WordPress and make one.

2. Write Blogs

Blog writing helps you hone your writing skills. And for your website visitors, this is the place where they’d be entertained and spend most of their visiting time. This will also become an area where your prospective clients will examine your skills and consider you for their project. But before starting to write blogs, you need to choose a writing niche.

3. Choose a Niche

A writing niche is just like genres. There are many writing niches. You may be familiar with few, like, fashion, lifestyle, IT, sports, business, health, entertainment etc. Do not be tempted to say that you can write on virtually any topic because believe me, nobody can. Juggle your options and choose the right one.

After you’ve set up your website and have written a few blogs,

1. Start with writing internships

Clients will always want an experienced writer. They neither have time nor money to consider an inexperienced one. On the other hand, internships, though low paying, will consider you and give you projects to do. The result would be an addition to your portfolio. There are many websites like Internshala (many others are there, search them) where eminent companies register to offer internships.

2. Pitch on job boards
Clients hang out on job boards to hire freelance writers. Here’s where you’ll meet prospective clients and get work. Before doing that, do not forget to add the links of your published works(from the internships)to your portfolio and provide a link to your portfolio and blog on your CV.

3. Register in freelance service providing the website
They are also a means to gain a clientele. Sites like Fiverr, freelancer, freelancer etc provides opportunities for freelancers(not just writers) a platform to showcase their skills and get clients. On the other hand, there are websites like witty pen, writer, which are just for freelance writers. They will examine your skills before welcoming you onboard.

4. Make a professional twitter and LinkedIn profile
A professional Twitter profile is very important. Twitter along with LinkedIn is a great place to expand your network. Do not just create a profile, add a profile picture and sit back. Follow people and in turn, they will follow you back along with people who follow them. Tweet regularly (you can tweet about your work, your current project, about writing or promote your latest blog posts).

We hope this answer was able to solve your query.

What are good ways to learn to become the best digital marketer?

Learn the building blocks of how the digital marketing world works.

Most people when they start out in learning digital marketing, they become too laser-focused without seeing the big picture first.

For example, “Lots of people are on Facebook. Let’s start a Facebook ad campaign with $5/day to try it out.”

Suddenly they discover out “Facebook and this digital marketing business doesn’t go” and they stopped.

In reality, it isn’t that simple.

What they know is just one part of a very huge puzzle. That part being they found a marketing channel (Facebook). But anyone can find a marketing channel. The next step is learning how that marketing channel works.

Why do people go on Facebook?
How to create a good Facebook ad?
How does copywriting work?
How to create a high-converting landing page?
What is your sales funnel after conversion?
How much should you pay per click or per 1,000 impression?
AND what separates the beginners from the pros are the pros understand what are the other marketing channels out there – SEO, Ad-words, Email M

arketing, etc.

AND these digital marketers understand how these other marketing channels work. For example, in SEO you have to understand:

What types of people go on Google vs Facebook?
How does Google work?
What are their ranking algorithms – Panda, Penguin, Rank Brain, etc.?

How do you build a well-optimised website that ranks well?

What type of keywords to choose based on the overall company’s strategy?

What type of pages are the most useful for each search query so your bounce rate reduces?

Then you repeat this for other marketing channels (LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Bing Ads, email marketing, Google Display Network).

The digital marketing world is huge and what separates the newbies from the pros are they understand every single piece of the digital marketing world and creates a strategy that will get the best results (leads, traffic, sales) at the best ROI because they don’t follow their competitors in starting Facebook marketing.

AND there is another level of digital marketers. These are the best of the best. These are the growth hackers. These are the people that can generate results that makes you go “I’m not sure if he is lying about the results.” or “Is that even possible?”.

Of course, to be one, you have to understand how all the digital marketing channels work first.

Start there and you’ll be on your way.

How do I start blogging using Blogger?

it’s just a simple method to create your blog website in a blogger.

1st: you have a new Gmail. The account which doesn’t have sing in Adsense account.

2nd: go to blogger@ com website to sign by Gmail account.

3rd: select your title name of the blogger desktop.

4th: chose your website name what you want. like a https://www.aclassblogs.com/ etc.

5th: Select your theme and after that, you can download some other theme at google websites like alpha@ com and B.Templates.

6th: create your page what you want like information, news, technology software, etc.

but remember one thing you will create some mandatory page that is terms and condition, privacy, contact us, about, home. etc.

To Submit a Guest post on various categories you can visit our guidelines page.

Is it wise to allow guest posts on my blog?

The answer will be different for every blog, but I’m personally a big fan of guest posts, but only when they are:

  • Extremely high quality
  • Something that I don’t have the expertise to write myself
  • Discusses a subject that’s SEO-ready

This means I don’t end up publishing the large majority of guest posts I receive, and I generally ignore about 95% of those who want to submit blog post on my blog. That’s because about 95% of those who want to guest post is what I like to call “drive-by” writers.

Meaning, they want an opportunity to get their 800-word pile of junk published on a high-traffic blog, usually with a link or two back to their blog or website.

Naturally, I don’t allow this.

I’ve found the best way to keep guest posts high quality is to publish a writing standards guide with a form at the bottom. Only consider guest posts that come through that form because it means they’ve supposedly read your guest posting standards.

If the post doesn’t meet your standards, you have something easy to point to. I’ve done this before, and they usually run away after that. Most don’t want to put in the work to produce something of value for you.

Thus: The short answer is yes, it can be wise to accept guest posts.

However, the key is to ensure that each guest post is at least at the quality that you’d write. Hopefully, even better.

What are the benefits of submit guest post for a website?

In digital marketing, world content plays an important role in increasing website ranking. If you want success in your SEO journey, then you must post the quality content on your website and another website as well. By posting regularly on other websites will help you in building your brand trust and authority.

Making the guest post submission will help you in maintaining your entire website authority in search engine rankings. This is one of the best off-page SEO techniques that help you boost your traffic and target the relevant audience to your blog or website. So if you need a better result in your SEO journey, then you must start doing the guest posting today and see the effective result in your search engine rankings.

Here are the benefits of doing guest posting:

Quality Traffic:

If you submit a guest post, then you can bring the quality traffic to your website. It is one of the advantages of making the guest post submissions. Once you started it, you will see the amazing result in search engine ranking, which is good for your website and bring more visitors to your website.

Generate High-Quality Backlinks:

Another benefit of making guest post submission is you will get quality backlinks that are relevant to your website. Having a relevant backlink for your website is a great way to increase the authority and trust of your website. It will be good for your website, and you will always get a do-follow backlink, which is good for search engine rankings.

What is Technical communication?

Technical communication can go in a few different ways. I took a class in plant biology during the summer in college. There was some very technical communication that went on, but the topic had to do with plants and agriculture.

There is also communication that involves utilizing equipment that can be technical in its composition. That is technical communication as well, but different. CB, citizen band radios, or walkie talkies, come to mind.

Also, what I am doing right here, sending text via the Internet, through a smart cell phone with a WiFi connection, has all kinds of technical stuff going on. This is digital technical communication. The CB radios, and the walkie-talkie, is an analogue type of technical communication.

if you want to Write for us Tech category, you can contact at developergang1@gmail.com

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