9 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

by: Ankush Chhabra

Cloud Hosting

WordPress hosting is a popular choice for many website owners. There are many benefits of having a WordPress site and that is why many people will search for the best cheap WordPress hosting deal. But along with that, they need to consider having managed hosting.

It may come as a surprise to some that having the best cheap WordPress hosting would mean you consider having managed hosting. Even though you are paying someone to manage the server, you actually save money and time. Let us look at the benefits of this arrangement.

#1- Better and Faster Performance

With a team that is dedicated to your site, you can expect faster performance. These people will always be looking for ways to improve the performance of the site and any issue will get resolved as soon as possible. They will provide the best security for the site and you will have fewer threats from hacks.

#2- Your Support are Specialists in WordPress

Managed WordPress teams are made up of individuals who know the ins and outs of WordPress. They would have the best solutions to your WordPress problems and know which plugins would be best for you. This is the kind of expert assistance you might need to pay highly for under other circumstances but when you have managed to host, you have the help of experts at a fraction of the ordinary cost.

#3- They Help with SSL Certificate

Without managed hosting, it will probably take a lot of shuffling between you and the hosting provider to get the SSL certificate which provides vital security for your site. However, the hosting managers have partnerships that make it easier to get the certification with just a few clicks. They handle most of the hard work involved in this so that you just have to click a few times and the SSL will show on your site.

#4 – Everything you need is in one Place

The organization is something that we all can appreciate. With managed WordPress hosting you get a great organization with everything within reach. The back-end work is attended to by the WordPress managers so that all you do is access whatever you want from a single point. This works well for people with a number of clients and needs to be more organized.

#5- They Take Care of Plugins

When managed, you will find less need for plugins since the managing experts will take care of all the plugins you would need. You may even find yourself deactivating a number of the other plugins which will be taken care of by the WordPress host managers. By using fewer plugins, you will notice that your site performance will improve.

#6- You Have More Time for Your Core Business

For most businesses, having to manage their own WordPress site may present a challenge since that is not their main business. By having managed hosting, you free up time and resource to concentrate on the core of your business. Like we mentioned earlier, you are dealing with experts so it is a good idea to let the experts do what they do best and you also do what you do best. In the end, it leads to better efficiency and productivity.

#7- Development Tools are Within Reach

Host management provides the tools you need for different site needs. Even from the start when you are just developing the site, there are tools that you can access easily. You can even find the tools you need for troubleshooting a problem on the site. You even find the experience very pleasing since everything you need can be accessed on the dashboard.

#8- More Demand for Hosting

With WordPress managed to host, you find that the demand is a lot higher for hosting so you are able to resell the hosting to people who are hungry for the service. You should know that WordPress has a lot of users which means the number of people willing to buy from a reseller is quite high.

#9- Much More than Just Host Managers

While they may market themselves as host management, they usually perform a lot more functions that benefit the client. They are like partners in your business who look out for your best interests. They will provide you with the right tools, give basic training on running a hosting site and other necessary information. You can even ask them to come to your office to share knowledge with your team.

The main benefit of managed WordPress hosting is that your business will run more effectively. The managing team does a lot of the work that would be a challenge to you since you would have to have dedicated staff to do that. In the end, that part of your business is well attended to and you will be able to run your business with peace of mind.

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