Best 8 Tips That Attract Mobile Game Users During The COVID:19 Lockdown

In recent months, the world is going through a tough time, due to the breakthrough of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. A lot of cities and countries are under lockdown, to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. As so most of the industries are suffering because of it and nobody is able to work like they used to. This virus had effectively disrupted the established order. 

However, on the other hand, it is also paved ways for some of the other industries like the gaming industry, medical industry, etc. As people are quarantine, they are not have left much do, as a result, a lot of people have readily shifted their focus towards video gaming. 

This is the reason why the gaming industry is experiencing a sudden increase in both the number of users and new developers. Beginners developers are steadily learning unity, Top react native game development, and other technologies for providing the game hungry users with and better gaming experience. So, if you are also one of these beginner developers or an expert, who has come up with an amazing game, but have no idea how to attract user’s attention then here are Best 8 tips That Attract Mobile Game Users during the COVID:19 Lockdown.

Update Your App

Constant improvement is the key to success in the gaming industry. Just look at some of the famous mobile games such as player unknown battleground, which has constantly evolved providing better gaming experience, and also adding new events in the game. 

You need to keep this in mind that people get easily bored with games that have nothing to offer to them. If your users won’t find your game challenging enough, you are bound to fail. However, don’t mistake challenging games with a difficult game.

Your mobile game must offer something new and must be better than other games in the industry based on the user interface, graphics, gaming experience, etc, or else you won’t even be noticed.

For this purpose, most of the game owner keeps on updating their games adding new features, removing bugs, and making the game more exciting. This keeps the users intact and loyal to the game. 

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Take Advantage of eCPMs

The market is changing due to coronavirus and a lot of different companies are modifying and changing their marketing strategies.

This has also effect the eCPMs  (effective cost per mille) of some of the freelance developers and whole companies as well. The uncertainty and low eCPMs are something to be worried about. However, they also bring opportunities with them for individual developers who can now easily launch user acquisition campaigns, which would have been impossible under normal conditions. 

It’s a tricky process, but if done right can land you a lot of customers. We recommend planning carefully for this, by identifying that untouched resource of users that have not yet been explored. The best thing about this is that if in case you fail or were not able to spot new users, you can always take advantage of the low eCPMs. 

Social Media 

Never underestimate social media. As you can always reach a wide range of audiences for free. In this lockdown situation, it would be best to utilize social media effectively. 

Increase Organic Installs 

If you want to improve your organic installs, then we would recommend updating your app store pages and come up with a more effective description. This way you would be able to get an install from users who are randomly navigating on the STore. 

Game Reviews 

Like we said before improving your game design and application is a very important part of creating an outstanding game. And we would recommend, getting a third opinion from your users in the form of game reviews. 

Maintain Statistics 

In this competitive world, it’s foolish to make a vague decision. You need to maintain statics and data. Also, your decision making must be based on the stats you have collected. 

Revisit Your Acquisition Goals 

Well, everyone is facing a hard time both mentally and financially. Due to this, you may start to note a low conversion rate. If this happens, you should rethink of adjusting the price points. Also, we would recommend adding some special discounts. 

In-Built giveaways

Who doesn’t likes gifts and offers? Offering your game users with some in-app exciting offers can help you win their trust and attention. You can offer anything from cashback to some locked items in the game that were earlier required to be purchased. The offering depends upon you but the idea is surely effective. 

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