6 Healthy Exercise Tips For Older Adults


You should stay active so that you can feel good and look beautiful. Regular exercise is not just for adult people. It is mandatory for all people at every stage of life. We must quit the sedentary lifestyle right now and pledge to stay active to improve our health and increase our lifespan.

As we grow older, we start facing various health issues. There is only one way to keep your body healthy and strong - regular workout. Older adults usually face problems such as diabetes, heart problems. arthritis, etc.

Regular exercise can help in maintaining an optimum balance between body strength, high level of flexibility, and endurance. During summer, older adults can start doing exercise at their homes by installing air conditioning Sydney.

According to the survey, people who do regular exercise live longer and look younger. If you want to stay active in your old age, then you must implement the following exercise tips:

1. Aerobics For Good Heart Health

The aerobic activities help in burning huge amounts of calories, decrease blood pressure level and also maintain a good level of cholesterol. All older adults must practice aerobics so that they can have a healthy heart and gain more energy levels. If you are a beginner, then you must start it with 5 minutes of cardio exercise a day. After that, you should slowly increase the time after a few days.

2. Do Squats For Strong Muscles

The muscle-building process is slow and it will take a good time. There are various health benefits of doing squats and building good muscle strength. It is important to learn the right posture for doing squats so that you can enjoy full benefits. It is recommended to start with basic exercise.

Take a chair and start doing squats. While doing squats, you should ensure that your arms are in front and you do not go to an extent that your knees past your toes. In simple terms, you have to bent to just a sitting position and you should not go below that position. 

Also, you have to hold that sitting position for a few minutes and after that, you have to go back to standing position again.

3. Increase Upper-Body Strength

To increase upper body strength, you should hold weight to your shoulder height. Also, you should keep your palms in a forward direction. Now, try to lift this weight in an upward direction and then bring it back. You should repeat it at least 10 times.

Various other exercises will help in building upper body strength.  You can also do sidearm raise exercise. In this type of exercise, you have to expand your arm are the side and hold weight and then try to lift your arms.

4. Do Push-Ups

Push up is an old-style exercise but it is very beneficial for our health. Push-ups can help in building up our muscles of arms, chest, and shoulders as well. All of us think that push-ups are simple to do.

But, in reality, they are very difficult if we have to complete them precisely. You can also do wall push-ups for your good health. ou can modify this exercise and still get health benefits by doing wall push-ups.

5. Leg Raises To Strengthen Up Lower Body

Along with the upper body part, you must pay attention to the lower body as well. Try leg raise to strengthen up your thighs, hips, and lower body muscles. If you want to do side leg raises, then you should grab a chair and stand behind that. Hold on that chair and start lifting your leg.

You should repeat it 10 times. When you raise your leg, then make sure that you keep your leg completely aligned. In addition to this, you should not bend your back. But, you can slightly bend your other leg.

On the other hand, if you want to do back leg raises, then again use that same chair to maintain the right body balance. You should now lift your one leg behind, but make sure that you should lean in the forward direction. Repeat the sets for 10 times.

You must ensure that the surrounding atmosphere is favourable while doing exercise. High temperatures during summer can make you feel dehydrated. Therefore, it is recommended to install ducted air conditioning Sydney.

6. Stretch Your Lower Body

If you want to stretch your quadriceps, then you should take a chair for balance and stand behind that chair. Now, grab the chair with your right hand and bend your left leg and you should also try to touch your left foot with the left hand.

But, the bending of thigs is not allowed. You should hold the stretch for 20 seconds and after come back to a straight position. Try the same technique on the other side. This exercise will help stretch your lower body.