Top 6 Computer Tricks Every Geek Should Know



You may have a life list or a handle list, but do you have some way of determining whether things in your life are going as expected?

A computer geek or nerd is someone who has the knowhow to answer most of the questions people would like to know about computers. If you’re someone who’s well versed in computers, then you should already know most of the tricks.

This is the sole motivation between this lists, as they outline the things you should already know, if you count yourself as a computer specialist.

1. Utilize the Command Line

Using the command line function, isn’t nearly as easy and functional, as it’s portrayed in movies, however, if you take the time to learn it, it can be especially helpful. Once you get the general understanding of it, it becomes a relatively simple task to use and expand upon.

From there you can expand your knowledge base by reading up on topics that teach you the most obscure commands. Depending on the platform, whether it’s Linux or OS X, which tends to be very expansive. For Windows users however, you can use Cygwin or PowerShell for the same level of expansiveness.

2. Find New Uses for Your Programs

People who own computers are always looking for new programs and tools to carry out tasks for them, but one thing many forget to consider, is how they can use already existing programs for new tasks.

Cloud storage services like Dropbox, can also be used for monitoring your home PC, downloading stuff using torrent services and printing files online. Smart individuals can use Gmail to store personal files on the cloud or to find their stolen laptop device. Any tool can be used for a wide range of tasks, providing you understand its inner workings.

3. Know Your Operating Systems Additional Features

Every operating system has a wide range of features, some immediately visible, while others are much harder to find. If you’re a Windows users, then you may want to take a second look at your operating system, while Mac users should do a top to bottom on all the inner workings of OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

One of the best places to find features of an operating system is to look through its Windows registry or terminal for OS X. There are also tweak tools, for both Mac and Windows systems that you can download. These tools will make these hidden features immediately accessible to you and are thus your best option.

4. Schedule Everything

Why do all that maintenance work manually, when you can schedule the appropriate tools to run for you? With the built-in Task Scheduler of Windows, you can set, just about any tool to run, whether it’s for downloading pictures, maintenance, running an alarm, or anything else you may deem helpful. For Mac users, you have Tasks Till Dawn, which grants you similar kinds of capabilities.

5. Get More Power Out of Your Hardware

With the right tweaking and modifications, it’s possible for you to push your hardware past its rated capabilities, and get more bang for your buck. When it comes to your PC, you can look to overclock your graphics card and processor, and maybe even add OS X to it.

You just need to think about cooling solutions, which will ensure you don’t damage your hardware. Hardware monitoring tools are a must, before you start pushing anything inside your machine.

6. Learn to Crack Passwords

Everybody should use secure passwords, but for the most experienced computer users, you may want to take it a step further and learn how to break these passwords. Such a skill, whether used on Mac machines or Windows desktops, will really help you get a better understanding of how computer hackers are able to obtain your passwords, which they use to compromise your data.

Learning exactly how the process is carried out, will help you better protect yourself against it. Not just by using complex passwords, but also by using encryption tools and other similar things to prevent hackers from obtaining such data. Additionally, you should also look into hacking Wi-Fi passwords, using both WPA and WEP encryption methods.

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Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website