4 Types of Mobile App Testing You Must Know

Mobile applications have become an important and irreplaceable part of our lives. Whether it is grocery shopping, booking a cab, buying flight tickets, or even taking lectures now, everything is just a click away due to these applications.

Where every industry is taking benefit from this new invention, why should the banking sector not follow the trend? Now, every bank has its own banking mobile application that provides a lot of benefits to the users. However, are these applications rolled out in one go?

Are they perfect to be used from the very start? They surely are not and that is why a banking app testing company has to be involved before the application is launched.

Are All the Mobile Apps Tested in the Same Way?

When we talk about mobile applications, usually people believe that all of them are the same when in reality, they are a lot different.

Now, you must be wondering what makes these applications so different from each other. There are a lot of factors like the target market, needs of the customers, features to fulfil customer demands, operating system, the framework used, and a lot of other similar things. Also, if no two mobile applications are the same, then how can you even test them in the same way?

Testing all mobile applications, in the same way, will hinder you from finding all issues and so you would not be able to fix the application in the proper way resulting in a bad impression on the customers.

This can easily bring down your reputation and value for the customers. We have brought you four most common and successful ways of testing your mobile applications. While you read through them, do not forget to check which category is best for testing of your mobile application.

Usability Testing

Every company developing a mobile application has an idea of the functions and features in mind. The same ideas are compiled on the paper so developers can develop the product.

Once the product has been developed, it is sent to a testing company to check if it is being useful or not. This sort of testing is called usability testing and demands the application be tested in terms of ease of use, better understanding, and overall app-drive user experience. The majority of the companies ask the mobile app testing company to perform usability testing on their app.

Compatibility Testing

As we discussed before, every application is different in so many ways. One of those ways is the compatibility of the application.

An application is designed with a certain operating system, network, some devices, and other applications in mind. At the development stage, the team identifies the apps, OS, and devices the application will have to work in parallel with. Compatibility testing checks the merge of the app with the defined metrics to see if more changes are needed. You can see every banking app testing company getting ready to add compatibility testing to its list of services now.

Functional Testing

This is the most common form of application or software testing. The main purpose of this sort of testing is to see if the mobile application is performing all the pre-defined and developed functions properly or not. Different use cases and test cases are prepared for this testing and the testers run each test case one by one to find out flaws that must be fixed before the application is launched in the market.

You can easily find almost every software testing company providing this testing for mobile apps as well.

Security Testing

This is relatively a new form of testing as compared to other sorts of mobile application testing. This has to deal with the security checks of the application to see if it fits all the cybersecurity standards set. Almost every mobile application asks for access to the private data of the users and this becomes one of the major reasons behind a high uninstall rate as well.

If you own a banking app testing company, you are already aware of the need and importance of an app to be fully secured. If you are not providing security testing for mobile applications, it is the right time to get your team trained for it and start providing this service as well.


We have shared the top 4 types of mobile application testing services available in the market. There are dozens of other testing types as well but we would encourage you to have the above-mentioned ones on your list of services for sure.

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