About Us

Developer Gang founded in March 2016, by Gaurav Kumar and Ankush Chabra, from Chandigarh, India.

Developer Gang is a website for those who creates and maintain websites like we can say for the Web Developers, Web Designers, Webmasters, and so on.
Our aim is to make web development easier and more easier by providing high quality resources and useful tutorials to our readers.

About Gaurav Kumar

Hi, my name is Gaurav Kumar and I specialize in Computer Software industry.
I have been working as a Software Developer from last 3+ years,and its my passion to learn new technology and sharing what I’ve learned.

About Ankush Chhabra

My name is Ankush Chhabra and I’m a 28 years old web developer and blogger. I was born in Jalandhar, India and now I live in Chandigarh, India with my Partner. I am associated with a company as a profile of Php Developer. I have 5 years of experience in this field.